MCRRC Going Green – 4×400 Relay

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                                Going Green
                     August 3, 2018   Gaithersburg, MD
             Conducted by Montgomery County Road Runners Club
                                4x400 Relay

                      (Official Results By Gun Time)
Send corrections to club_race_results (at) mcrrc (dot) org by August 13, 2018

Place Names                  Time
===== ====================== =======
    1 Exavier Watson
      Peter Antonetti
      Aaron Anderson
      Zachary Worthman        3:49.6

    2 Mamadou Kouyate
      Juan Lepe
      Virginia Branham
      Corey Young             3:51.5

    3 Unknown
      Thomas Ryba             4:03.1

    4 Nicolas Crouzier
      Adrian Spencer
      Rodney Rivera
      Ryan Hadley             4:04.6

    5 Boubacar Barry
      Tim Franklin
      Giresse Achouakong      4:09.1

    6 Unknown
      Gonzalo De La Riva      4:21.1

    7 Dagmar Salazar-Guzman
      Brian Murphy
      Danielle Siebert
      Lisa Chilcote           4:59.6

    8 John Ramsey
      James Scarborough
      Cindy Cohen
      Dale Morey              5:41.3

    9 Unknown
      Marco Rosas
      Mark Rosas
      Brenda Rosas            5:46.8

   10 Carrie Gottesman
      TJ Gottesman
      Marcia Gottesman        6:05.5


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