MCRRC Going Green – 4×400 Relay

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                             MCRRC Going Green
                     August 4, 2017   Gaithersburg, MD
             Conducted by Montgomery County Road Runners Club
                                4x400 Relay

                      (Official Results By Gun Time)
Send corrections to club_race_results (AT) mcrrc (DOT) org by August 14, 2017

Place Team                                                                           Time
===== =============================================================================  =======
    1 Corey Young, Mamdou Kouyate, Nick Miguelino, Juan Lepe                         3:51.8
    2 Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Colin McGrath                                       4:17.4
    3 Hector Montesinos, Ariel Rodriguez Jr., Ariel Rodriguez Sr., Salvador Cerna    4:44.0
    4 Marco Antonio Rosas, Omar Guevara, Miguel Angel Sanches, Mark Rosas            4:50.8
    5 Ryan Hadley, Brian Murphy, Yukun Fung, Kieran Allan-Hadley                     4:55.3
    6 Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Garrett Birsd                                       5:24.4
    7 Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Luis Gracian                                        5:30.0
    8 Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Tyler Gottesman                                     5:43.6
    9 Mallory Valmon, Meredith Valmon, Unknown, Maya Valmon                          5:44.3
   10 Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Polly O'Rourke                                      6:19.6
   11 Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Elina Lee                                           6:23.3


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