MCRRC Ekiden Relay

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MCRRC Ekiden Relay

May 15, 1998 -- Derwood,MD

                     RELAY LEGS OF 10K, 3K, 8K, 1K, 5K
                               FINAL RESULTS

    1 COLLEGE PARK CRAZIES         MO     1:39:15
     Jascha Fields, Eddy Vanas, Xavier Naldo, Robbi Schretha, Kevin Glatstein                                     1:39:15

    2 4 TEENS AND A CHAPERONE      CO     1:47:23
     San Kreanbrink, Jenna Nugent, Mat Ostrye, Kristen Martinko, E. Purpura                                       1:47:23

    3 BRIAN AND THE BARRAKUTAS     CO     1:50:43
     Rob Magin, Bill Kuta, Brian Tresp, Mary Kuta, Jennifer Magin                                                 1:50:43

    4 TRIANTOS TRUCKERS            RF     1:51:05
     Vassili Triantos, Alec Triantos, Gretchen Triantos, Eliot Triantos, Richard Weiss                            1:51:05

    5 THE BURNOUT CLUB IV          HS     1:51:50
     Joey Stiers, William Wallace, Warren Margolies, Amanda Gable, John Filano                                    1:51:50

    6 DEAD RUNNERS SOCIETY -MA     MO     1:54:22
     Parker Morse, Bob Platt, James Scarborough, Starr, Walt Hill                                                 1:54:22

    7 BROWN FAMILY PLUS TWO        MO     1:59:00
     Nick Areti, Christian Delucca, Timothy Brown, David Brown, Christopher Brown                                 1:59:00

    8 AT THE LAST MINUTE           MM     1:59:57
     James Moreland, Christina Caravoulia, Jon Hiratsuka, John Sissala, Stan Pawloski                             1:59:57

    9 TEAM WYNGATE                 CO     2:01:20
     Joyce Gearhardt, Roger Masse, Frank Sheed, Deborah Gordis, Donnie Rosenstein                                 2:01:20

   10 ROWE RUNNERS                 RF     2:02:37
     Tim Rowe, Brooks Rowe, Luke Rowe, Brittany Rowe, Kelly Emerson                                               2:02:37

   11 HCS USE TO BE'S              CO     2:13:14
     Jonathan Hill, Vicki Lang, Kerry Hill, Tiffany Lang, Phil Lang                                               2:13:14

   12 SLEEPY HEADS                 MO     2:18:55
     Sal Citrella, Scott Miller, Pat O'conner, Kevin Miller, Stephen Payne                                        2:18:55

   13 SOLOGUREN                    RF     2:33:08
     Federico Sologuren, Rumi Sologuren, Laura Sologuren, Daniel Sologuren, Rosemery Sologuren                    2:33:08