Low-Key Race Chip/Bib Procedure

Once you become a member, you will need a chip and a bib to run our FREE, low-key races – these are the races not identified with $ in our list of races.

Our member bib & chip registration is conducted online ONLY and is completely free.  Simply go to our low-key member signup to register for your member bib & chip. This only needs to be done once per year.

Once you register for your free, low-key member bib & chip, simply stop by the registration table at any 2022 low-key race to pick up your items. Once you have them, you simply show up to the starting line for the remaining low-key races of the year.

Important Note
If you requested a personalized bib & chip, you have already received your number and DO NOT need to register for another one!

Please note that anyone picking up a member bib & chip will need to pay a $5 chip deposit OR turn in an old (2020 or older) chip.

Effective January 1, 2020 – our low-key member signup will be conducted online. At any time throughout the year, go to our low-key member signup to register for your member bib & chip!  Our online registration process will help us maintain a lower impact on the environment by reducing paper and filing and will save you time by avoiding the registration line on race morning.

Simply signup online prior to leaving the house for your first low-key race of the year and your bib & chip will be waiting for you at the race.  If you forget to signup, we will have kiosks available for you to do so at the race site. *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** If you have already signed up to receive a personalized member bib, you do not need to use this registration.  Your bib & chip will be ready for you at your first low-key race of the year.

Please note that you only need to do this for your first club race of the year to obtain your permanent (for the year) bib number. You’ll also need to bring your previous year’s chip or a $5 bill to exchange for your new IPICO chip as we will again be using our IPICO timing system for all low key races. Each club member will be required to return their previous year’s chip or make a $5.00 deposit on the tag. This process will still be done on-site on race morning.