Volunteer of the Year

This award is to recognize specific volunteer contributions to MCRRC.

This award is to recognize the person making the most significant overall volunteer contributions to the club during the year.

Selection: The basic criteria are the same as for the Volunteer Service Award. The award is given to the person who contributes the highest quality and greatest variety of personal effort in support of MCRRC, making the most significant contribution to club programs during the year.

If you would like to suggest an MCRRC member be considered for nomination for Volunteer of the Year Award, please fill out this form. Thank you!

Past Award Winners

1983Tom Rozanski
1984John Sissala
1985Lyman Jordan
1986Dennis Steinauer
1987Mark & Teri Ciamarra
1988Carole Rivera
1989Rick & Kathy Freedman
1990Phil Quinn
1991Janet Newburgh
1992Steve Solbeck
1993Iola Dilorio
1994Bob Grupe
1995Mark Newman
1996Margaret May
1997Brian Tresp
1998Julie Tresp
1999George Tarrico
2000Art Drisko
2001Bob Price
2002Mildred Lieder
2004Ed Schultz
2005Sethiya Renwick
2006Pat Maloney
2007Don Libes
2009Leonard Lee
2010Karen Kincer
2011Danny Talmage
2012Heather Hanson
2013Christina Caravoulias
2014Yukun Fung
2015Bill Strider
2016Karen Craney
2017Mayra Fairbairn
2018 Bill Lee (posthumous) Mary Kincer (Youth VOY)
2019Kelly Scherf
2021Jeff & Bonnie Gitlin