Most Improved Runner (Male & Female)

Justification: To recognize one male and one female Montgomery County runners who have dramatically improved their race times compared to the prior year.

Qualification: A member of MCRRC and has not previously won this award.

  • Any club member can nominate another club member for this award. Self-nominations are welcome.
  • To encourage nominations, the MCRRC Awards Committee will publicize the award via the club website, publications, consultation with training program coaches, and word of mouth.
  • Award criteria will include:
    • % time improvements from the previous year in races run both years.
    • % time improvement from the previous year in races of the same distance.
    • Any other evidence of improvement from the previous year that may be available (e.g., PR’s, racing longer distances………)
  • MCRRC Awards Committee members may not vote for applicants who are related through family, coaching, or teaching relationships

Submit a Nomination
You may nominate yourself or another runner as most improved by sending an email to to nominate a candidate. Minimally, an emailed nomination should include the nominee’s name, sex, email address, and confirmation that the nominee is an MCRRC member. Desirable information includes regular mailing address, phone number, and age.

Beyond that, please include in the email very specific information that supports your nomination. You can consider the award criteria in determining what is important to include (i.e., number of races, number of PR’s, best times of the year at various distances with comparison to best times at those distances in the prior year, and [ideally] time comparisons for races on the same course—for instance, best 8k of the year vs. best 8k of the prior year and Twilighter 8k vs. previous year Twilighter 8k).

Any questions about the nomination process may be sent to

Additional Considerations:

  • Nominee is not required to run age group and/or lifetime PRs to win this award.
  • MCRRC volunteer contributions.

Nominations will be due by December 10th each year. The MCRRC Awards Committee will vote at a meeting in January. The committee will select one male and one female Most Improved Runner based only on written information presented in the nomination form or the emailed nomination. In the event of a tie vote, the Awards Committee Chairman will determine the winner. Most Improved Runner award winners will be annually awarded a plaque or trophy at an MCRRC Awards Ceremony.

Past Award Winners

2007Elizabeth GloverKeith Evans
2008Linda BurrellJeff Mehr
2009Cara Marie ManlandroMark Zimmerman
2010Jennifer SampleThomas Young
2011Robin BlendellBrian Marron
2012Kathryn HoldenJoe Sangillo
2013Melissa ChotinerBernard Kelly
2014Cindy ConantDan Reichmann
2015Miriam MintzerRodney Rivera
2016Mical HonigfortWill Etti
2017Kristen SerafinMark Adams
2018Maria Margarita Garcia RipaAdam Kiely
2019Royanna HerbertBobby Molson
2021NOAWARDJason Greenspan