Become an MCRRC Influencer!

Everyone is an “influencer” these days. To our everyday friends, people we follow on Instagram or our training partners, we share the supplements that have worked well for us, the foam roller that took away our pain, or the workout that elevated our fitness to the next level.  Have you encouraged your friends or co-workers to join MCRRC?

MCRRC needs you to share your experiences and your love of the club. We are asking our members to help us recruit new ones.  Recently, we updated our membership form so that all prospects are asked to identify the club member who referred them.  With that, our new MCRRC Member Referral Program was born.

The rules are simple: You refer a new member(s) to the club, the new member(s) includes your name during the registration process, and you receive incentive rewards from MCRRC!  New members must have joined the club between May 1st and November 15th of this year.

  • Fun Run Influencer: Refer 1 new member & a complimentary MCRRC car magnet.
  • 5K Influencer: Refer 3 new members & receive the above + $20 off your next membership renewal.
  • 10K Influencer: Refer 5 new members & receive the above + a MCRRC Gear Shop item up to a $20 value.
  • Marathon Influencer: Refer 10 new members & receive a magnet, complimentary one-year membership renewal, and a Gear Shop item of any value.

You may be saying “I’m new to Montgomery County;” “none of my friends run,” or “all of my friends are already in the club.”  The good news is, we still have an opportunity for you. Simply volunteer at an MCRRC packet pickup or low-key race to talk to non-members about the club and hand out our newly designed promo cards! You will receive credit for anyone who uses your name from that event + volunteer credit at the same time!

If you love running & the club, are creative & want to help the board in that capacity, please reach out to Deb Levy at