MCRRC Seeks Brand Ambassadors!

MCRRC seeks to create a team of Brand Ambassadors who can dedicate time to further the Club’s reputation and recognition within the greater Montgomery County.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will serve as the “face” of the brand and be a part of a street marketing team who will promote MCRRC at community events.  Your overall objective is to spread awareness about and create interest in MCRRC among Montgomery County residents with the primary objective of encouraging them to benefit from our services – such as training programs and races – and, ultimately, joining the Club..  To do this, you will seek out community events and similar outlets where you can share the value and benefits of MCRRC.   You will engage with event attendees in the goal of creating interest for them to join the Club.

For more information on this opportunity, as well as how you will be supported, please visit the “Help Wanted” page on our website!