Help Wanted!

Medical Coordinators & Volunteers

Please get the word out! MCRRC is in need of volunteers with medical experience to support our races.

For our larger races, such as Riley’s Rumble, and the Parks Half Marathon, we are in need of volunteers with a formal medical background [MD, RN, PT] to serve as Medical Coordinators (1-2 per race). We also need volunteers with medical experience to assist the Coordinator(s) by working in the medical tent at these races.

For our low-key races, we need at least one designated medical volunteer for each race.

Coordinator/Volunteer duties may include:

  • serving as liaison with county emergency services prior to and on race day;
  • packing/loading medical supplies prior to race day and ensuring they reach the medical tents (larger races);
  • coordinating with a team of medical volunteers where needed along the course (larger races);
  • triage response until EMT arrives in the event someone is injured

Volunteers are the engine of the club and this is a wonderful opportunity to use your expertise in support of MCRRC events and to ensure the safety of race participants.

If you are interested, please email the MCRRC office at and someone will follow up with you promptly.