Board Nominations are OPEN!

Do you want to be more involved in the direction of MCRRC?

The Nominating committee is looking for candidates for election to the MCRRC Board of Directors and we need YOUR help.

What is the best way to help us and MCRRC? Read the rest of this message, think about your running buddies who may make good candidates, and submit nominations. Self-nominations are encouraged!

There are Five 2-year positions on the nine-member board up for election (or re-election) in 2021: President, Vice President, and three Member-at-Large positions. The work of the Board includes both governance and operations, and in addition to the monthly board meeting, requires work between meetings in correspondence, voting, interaction with club members, and participation in club activities.

Specific tasks may include (but are not limited to):

*  Attending the monthly board meetings, which are about 2 hours long; reviewing previous month’s minutes, action items, new business, governance, and group thinking/issue resolution.
*  Representing the club at meetings and functions throughout the year (ex. low-key club races, Club Business and Budget meeting, sub-committee interaction, and outside interested parties).
*  Planning and setting Club agenda and direction.

President – shall preside at meetings, represent the MCRRC in the RRCA and other organizations, call special meetings, appoint committees and chairpersons thereof.

Vice President – shall assume the powers of the President in his or her absence and take on special assignments as requested by the President.

Members At Large – shall serve as a liaison to the various subcommittees of the club including, race, programs, communication, volunteer, finance, and others as needed.

With more than 3,000 members, MCRRC is one of the largest running clubs in the United States. Its success depends on quality leadership from dedicated club members willing to volunteer above and beyond to make things work. Our club has been very fortunate to have had strong leadership through the years, and it’s because of club members like you who take an active role in the process of deciding who will lead. We need dedicated members who are up to the task! 

Please send your name and contact information (email address and phone number) for the candidate(s) you are nominating, as well as any information you can provide on why this person would make a good nominee for the Board of Directors by January 28th, 2021 to:

Thank you for helping us to nominate the best candidates for MCRRC’s leadership!

The Nominating Committee

Doug Watt, Chair

Mike Acuna

Larry Feidelseit

Katie Poole

Wanda Walters

Conroy Zien