2017 Parks Half Marathon Goals

Keep your eyes on the PRIZE!

Hi Parks Friends!

Official Spokesdog here to talk to you about goals. They say to keep your eyes on the prize, not on the obstacles. In my case, the prize is BACON.  The obstacles are my humans and this kitchen table. But notice the focus? That unbroken gaze? I didn’t give up that day and it PAID OFF (what I mean is, that delicious bacon found it’s way into my mouth).

My point is, you might be training for the Parks Half Marathon this summer. Summer is hot, training is hard… and YOU need a prize to keep your eyes on. You know, a focus. A GOAL. And that’s why I’m here today.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m pleased to present you with the 2017 Parks Half Marathon Finisher’s Medal!

Do you find the handsomeness distracting?

Let’s take a closer look.

Aren’t they awesome? This is ONE of the exciting pieces of flair that you’ll receive for finishing the 2017 Parks Half Marathon on September 10th. So head on over to check out our website! Prices go up on THURSDAY- register today, save $6 and get yourself a pack of bacon.

Have you heard about our NEW course for 2017? We are all very excited for the 2017 event & we look forward to seeing you on race day! Be sure to “like us” on Facebook so you can receive our important news and updates.



Official Spokesdog for the Parks Half Marathon