2017-18 Board of Directors Slate

  • Dear Members,
    With thanks to the Nominating Committee, we are pleased to present the slate of candidates selected as nominees for the 2017-18 MCRRC Board of Directors:
    President – Mike Acuna
    Vice President – Ken Earley
    Secretary – Andrea Keane-Myers
    Treasurer – Sri Rapaka (incumbent)
    At-Large – Gretchen Bolton
    At-Large – Jim Farkas (incumbent)
    At-Large – Dave Haaga
    At-Large – Brad Stewart
    At-Large – Cortney Sloan (incumbent)
    The elections for the Board will take place at the Annual Meeting and Awards Brunch at AMP By Strathmore, following the Piece of Cake race on March 26th.
    We wish to thank Don Shulman, Lori Kaleikau and Nancy Joy Keller for their service on the Board of Directors. They have made fantastic contributions to the Board & we will certainly miss working with them.