Communication Groups (

MCRRC uses two to help keep members informed of breaking news, share information with other members, and discuss issues. New members are added automatically to the Info group. You can unsubscribe anytime.

  • MCRRC-Info is for messages requiring little or no group-wide responses (We need more volunteers for this Saturday. Here’s a link to a gallery of photos from last weekend’s race.) Messages that are likely to cause extended discussion should be posted to mcrrc-discuss instead.  Replies default to the sender.
  • MCRRC-Discuss is for messages likely to cause extended discussion or lots of public responses. (What’s the best local store to shop for trail shoes?) Replies default to the group. You must be subscribed to mcrrc-info in order to subscribe to mcrrc-discuss.

Some weekly activities and programs also have their own groups. These are either documented on the page describing the activity/program or are provided upon joining the program.

To Subscribe

Contact for assistance

Common Subscription Problems

We make our best effort to approve subscription requests within a day or two, but offer no specific time guarantees.  If more time has passed since your join request, please feel free to contact


  • The purpose of the groups is to communicate information about running-related issues of interest to MCRRC members. Avoid inappropriate postings. Inappropriate use of our email list will cause a member to be removed.
  • Advertising and volunteer requests for non-MCRRC events is forbidden except with prior approval of the MCRRC Board/ Director.
  • These groups are a benefit of MCRRC membership. If your membership lapses, you will be removed from the groups after a suitable grace period.
  • Postings that are offensive or are in violation with our club Code of Conduct will be removed and may result in the posting member to be removed as well.  This includes, but is not limited to, offensive language, personal insults, trolling, spam, or non-running related content.


For questions relating to the communnication groups, please contact