Equipment Lending and Rental

As a rule, the lending of MCRRC equipment is not allowed, especially essential/technical equipment such as time machines, display clocks, laptops, sound systems, scaffolding, and IPICO equipment.  Non-critical club equipment may be borrowed, as an exception to this rule, by club members for non-club use for no more than two days upon approval from the Executive Director only.

If it is deemed appropriate by the Executive Director to rent essential/ technical equipment such as time machines, display clocks, laptops, scaffolding, and IPICO equipment, a trained operator (volunteer or paid workers) may also be required at the discretion of the Executive Director.

MCRRC equipment may not be rented or borrowed when doing so might interfere with or hinder an MCRRC activity or event.  Equipment rentals will carry standard RMS rental fees, which will be provided by the Executive Director.

All equipment loan or rental requests must be submitted via email to the Executive Director at  A signed contract may be required to rent or borrow equipment.  In the event of loss or damage, the renter/ borrower will be responsible for the full repair or replacement cost of a damaged item, including shipping where applicable.

(Updated, March 2023)