Donations Policy

This policy is intended to guide the MCRRC’s charitable contributions.


“Major races” are those that charge an entry fee to all participants including MCRRC members and generally include finisher premiums or medals and award top finishers.

“Net proceeds” means funds left over after all race expenses have been paid.

”Running-related recipients” means not-for-profit entities that promote or are involved in running as well as include running in their primary mission.

“Partners” are entities that are involved in the planning and execution of the race.

Donations From Major Races

Donations should be limited to local running-related recipients, as well as to those who manage the land on which the race takes place.  In total, a maximum of 10 percent of net proceeds is permitted to be donated to qualified recipients of the Race Director’s choice.

Distribution of Race Proceeds

A contract must be in place for any major race that will share net proceeds with a partner organization. This contract must outline the duties and responsibilities of each party as well as to explain the manner in which the net proceeds will be divided.

Net proceeds should be distributed based on the following guidelines:

  • A minimum of 50 percent to MCRRC; and
  • A maximum of 50 percent to one or more organizations that support the race through donations of goods and services that are essential to conduct the race.

Donations Directly From MCRRC

Donations should be limited to local running-related recipients, as well as to those who manage the land on which the race takes place.  Contributions to individuals should be made only under extraordinary circumstances or as governed by other policy.

Contributions may also be made to sponsor-specific initiatives that support runners and running, such as trail/path/track improvements or facilities (for example, water, toilets) on trails/paths.

Each year’s budget should contain line items for specific recurring donations:

  • RRCA Roads Scholar;
  • MD RRCA; and
  • Women’s Distance Festival.

All requests for donations will be considered by the Board which will make a decision as to whether a specific request should be granted.

(Updated, March 2023)