Criteria for MCRRC Program Coaches

To protect the interests of MCRRC and to provide consistency among training programs, the Board of Directors has set requirements for members volunteering to serve as program directors, assistant coaches, and pace group leaders for all current and future MCRRC training programs.  (Assistant coaches and pace group leaders are hereinafter referred to as “Assistant Coaches.”)

Criteria for Program Directors and Assistant Coaches

1)  Current Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/First Aid (CPR/FA)

2)  Active member of MCRRC

Additional Criteria for Program Directors

In addition to a current CPR/FA certification, Program Directors must be certified to coach by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA.)  Coaching certification will be verified by the MCRRC Executive Director.

While an RRCA certification is not required by the club for Assistant Coaches, MCRRC does support the effort of any coach to seek this certification.  Upon passage of the RRCA certification, as well as fulfillment of all criteria set forth by RRCA to complete certification, MCRRC will reimburse active MCRRC coaches 50% of the cost of the certification course. Please note that this reimbursement covers 50% of the registration fee ONLY and does not include online or other services fees.  Additionally, reimbursement will only be provided to those individuals who are current MCRRC coaches or will coach in an MCRRC program within twelve months of certification.

Additional Criteria for Other Health and Fitness Instructors

If there is another type of fitness instructor on the coaching staff (e.g., strength trainer, nutritionist, Pilates instructor), that individual must provide proof of certification from the appropriate governing body, in addition to complying with the CPR/FA requirement.

Program Administration

Each Program Director is responsible for notifying all potential Assistant Coaches of the CPR/FA certification well in advance of the beginning of the program.

Each potential Assistant Coach must provide the Program Director with their CPR/FA certification, or register to complete a CPR/FA class prior to the start of the program.


Current certification information must be provided each year by returning Program Directors and Assistant Coaches.


Program Directors and Assistant Coaches are strongly encouraged to take advantage of CPR/FA certification classes provided through MCRRC, as MCRRC will reimburse the full cost of the club CPR class, upon completion of the class (excluding online registration fees). Should a coach decide to seek certification outside of the MCRRC classes offered, the club will reimburse up to $50 of the cost of the class upon verification of completion and with a copy of the receipt (also excluding online registration fees).

(Updated, March 2023)