Credit Card Policy

MCRRC shall be permitted to maintain up to two (2) credit cards for the purpose of purchasing goods and services for the club in an efficient and accountable manner.


An “authorized cardholder” is an MCRRC staff member who has been authorized to serve as a holder and user of an MCRRC credit card.

An “approver” is a board member who is not authorized to use MCRRC’s credit card, but is responsible for approving MCRRC financial transactions.

Terms of Use

The authorized cardholder(s) agrees to the following Terms of Use for an MCRRC credit card:

  • Purchases are to be made only by the cardholder, and only in the best interest of the club.  Purchases are subject to the same dollar thresholds as those included in the club bylaws for other purchases;
  • Any individual purchase that is equal to, or greater than, the current expense request reimbursement threshold of $1,000 must be approved in advance by an approver;
  • In instances where multiple purchases are being made in support of a board-approved project for an amount greater than $1,000, the threshold amount for individual purchases above is waived; however, the total purchased must remain within the total of the board-approved amount;
  • A full accounting of expenditures must be sent to an approver, upon request;
  • Receipts for all purchases should be included with the credit card statement for filing purposes; and
  • The MCRRC Board reserves the right to suspend or revoke a credit card should the authorized cardholder not adhere to the policies above, or at any time they deem necessary.

(Updated March 2023)