Journalism Award

This award is to recognize specific volunteer contributions to MCRRC.

Justification: This award is to recognize significant journalistic achievement. This may include contributions to club publications or contributions to other publications focusing on MCRRC and its programs.

Selection: Writing, photography, editing, artistic, or other journalistic contributions by an MCRRC member will be considered. The contribution should inform or amuse the reader. It should help promote MCRRC programs, recognize the achievements of MCRRC members, or otherwise encourage readers to begin, continue, or improve their running and fitness activities.

2019Lisa Levin

1989Sam Pizzigati
1990Lani Johnson
1991Bob Grupe
Natalie Partridge
1992Michele McLeod
1993Janet Newburgh
1995Bernie Greene
1996Bill Kuta
1997Frank Pierce
1998Anne Kenderdine
1999Bob Mallet
Jim Rich
2000Kay Morrison
2001Christina Caravoulias
2005Jeff Lowe
2007Don Libes
2011Pat Maloney
2012Laura Evans
2013Dan DiFonzo
2014Doug Watt
2015Scott Brown
2016Dan Reichmann
2017George Tarrico
2018Melissa Hutchinson
2019Lisa Levin
2021Amy Lin