2023-24 MCRRC Board of Directors Slate

Dear Members,

The Nominating Committee presents to you, the slate of candidates for the 2023-24 MCRRC Board of Directors.

This year we received some very qualified candidates. The Nominating Committee submitted questionnaires to all interested candidates under consideration, and after vetting the responses, conducted interviews with candidates. Additionally, we used feedback from existing board members, MCRRC personnel, our understanding of the needs of the club, and the feedback and suggestions we received from club members in making our decisions.

Each selected candidate brings special talent and enthusiasm from which the club will most definitely benefit.  All candidates have been informed of their nominations and the slate is as follows:

President: Outgoing Member – Brad Stewart; Incoming Candidate – Brian Murphy

Vice President: Outgoing Member Brian Murphy; Incoming Candidate – Sherene Sepehri

Secretary: Outgoing member; Sherene Sepehri; Incoming Candidate – Jane Heinrichs

Members-At-Large: Outgoing Member – Jane Heinrichs; Incoming Candidate – Libby Miller and Outgoing Member – Rob Palmer; Incoming Candidate – Shlomo Fishman

We would like to thank outgoing board members – Brad and Rob — for their service on the board.

Finally, it has been an honor for each of us to serve on the Nominating Committee.

Respectfully Submitted,

Douglas Watt, Chair, Mike Acuna, Dan DiFonzo, Kevin Edwards, Debbie Sinnott, Wanda Walters, and Conroy Zien

Note: The 2023 Board elections will be conducted virtually.  Voting will begin on Monday, March 20th.  More information on how to cast your vote will be released soon.