Members: MCRRC Annual Meeting TONIGHT

Tonight (Tuesday, March 30th) is the MCRRC Annual Meeting where the club will elect the 2021-22 Board of Directors as well as present the MCRRC Value Statement.

The Agenda for the Annual Meeting appears below:

Meeting Details

Date:  Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Time:  7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST
Format:  Zoom Webinar – if you did not receive this information by e-mail yesterday, please check your spam before contacting for more information.

Meeting Agenda

*  Call to Order
*  MCRRC Value Statement Presentation
*  Recognition of Outgoing Board Members
*  Presentation of 2021/22 Board Slate
*  Election of 2021/22 Board of Directors
*  Recognition of Outgoing President
*  Closing Remarks/ Adjournment


*  This event will be recorded.
*  Your video and audio will be turned off upon joining the webinar. You will only be able to see the panelists. The panelists will not be able to hear or see you.
*  Ensure your Zoom screen name reflects how you would like to be identified.
*  You may use the Chat feature for any comments you may have during the event.
*  Due to time constraints, there will not be a dedicated time for formal Q&A. However, if you have a question, please submit it in the chat so the board can respond at a later time.


Voting for the 2021/22 Board of Directors will take place via online poll. Voting will open following the “Presentation of the 2021/22 Board Slate” on the Agenda and will remain open for three (3) days to satisfy the quorum of 50 votes needed, as stated in the MCRRC Bylaws. The link to the online voting will be shared via the chat function as well as sent via email to members at that time. You must be a current MCRRC member for your vote to be counted.

Attending the Annual Meeting is an important part of your membership and we do encourage all members to attend. Thank you in advance for your participation.