The Nominating Committee Needs You!

Would you like to help guide MCRRC into the future? Are you (or someone you know) an individual who could help lead the club?
The Nominating Committee is asking you to nominate qualified and interested candidates for the MCRRC Board of Directors! Self-nominations are encouraged as well!
There are four 2-year positions on the nine-member board up for election (or re-election) in 2020: Treasurer, Secretary and two Members-at-Large.
The work of the Board includes both governance and operations. This requires participation in the monthly board meetings and work between meetings in correspondence, voting, interaction with club members, participation in club activities, and leading projects to improve MCRRC. Specific tasks may include:
• Attending the monthly two-hour board meetings; reviewing the previous month’s minutes and action items, discussing new business, providing governance, and resolving issues and concerns.
• Representing the club at meetings and functions throughout the year (e.g., low-key club races, club business and budget meetings, sub-committee interaction, and external organizations) and planning and implementing future club direction.
The Treasurer administers all MCRRC finances (including making recommendations for investments), maintains a current status of accounts, disburses funds as directed, and prepares an annual financial report and annual budget for presentation at the Annual Budget Meeting.
The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of meetings and retaining club minutes, correspondence, and other records.
MCRRC depends on quality leadership from club members willing to go above and beyond for its continued success. We have been very fortunate to have had strong leadership through the years, and it’s because of club members like you who take an active role in the process of deciding who will lead. We need dedicated members who are up to the task!
Please send the name and contact information (including email address and phone number) for the candidate you are nominating, as well as any information you can provide on why this person would make a good nominee for the Board of Directors by January 19, 2020 to:
Thank you for helping us to nominate the best candidates for MCRRC’s leadership!
The Nominating Committee
Doug Watt, Chair
Mike Acuna
Larry Feidelseit