Registration is OPEN for the 2018-19 Winter Trail Program!

Signing up for the 2019 Seneca Greenway Trail Marathon & 50K?

Wondering how to prepare for it?

Allow us to offer you the PERECT solution!

Registration IS OPEN for the 2018-19 MCRRC Winter Trail Running Program!

The program is designed to teach and/or improve trail running skills for folks with all levels of experience.  It will build endurance, strength and coordination necessary for success! Come join us and enjoy the vibe with a group of other like-minded trail runners while hitting the single track out here in MoCo! And let’s face it – winter is cold. It’s HARD to get out of your warm bed on a Saturday morning. You will for certain need some accountabili-buddies!

This program can be adapted for other early spring races as well & you don’t even need to have a goal race to join us!

Check out our program webpage for more details.