Changes are Afoot at MCRRC!

Montgomery CountyAs our Club nears its 40th birthday, we thought we’d do a little spring-cleaning to better reflect the evolution and growth we’ve made since 1976. That makeover begins with a few layers of fresh paint.

Earlier this summer we updated our new web site.  MCRRC.ORG boasts a new look that better allows us to keep our members updated on the latest race news, results and happenings.  It’s “mobile-friendly” which means you’ll have the same great viewing experience whether you’re viewing content on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.  It also gives us the ability to better integrate graphics, photos and social media into our site and provides a new level of security to protect our data.  While there are still some kinks to work out, the site is a vast improvement over our last web site and we’re excited about the new capabilities.

We’ve also taken a hard look at our club logo and gave it a good scrubbing as well.  With a nod to the past, we’ve updated our logo with brighter and bolder colors and a more stylish, fresher font.  Don’t worry, you’ll recognize the familiar iconic setting sun and road to the horizon.  We think the new design better reflects the MCRRC of today and aligns us with some of the newer and more progressive running clubs around the country.  Be sure to look for the new logo on our club materials including program shirts this fall!

I look forward to seeing you on the roads and trails.

–Don Shulman