Montgomery County Road Runners Club
Minutes of Board Of Directors Meeting
Meeting of January 8, 2004

Called to order:7:02 PM
Present: Jean Arthur,Jodi Finkelstein, Anna Hays, Marty Horan, Corinne Moriatis, Gary Resnick, Jim Rich, Bill Riggs, Craig Roodenburg

Invited Guests: Hal Danoff, Mary Foster, Bill Morrison, John Sissala, and Brian Tres

A. Review Agenda

B. Review Current MCRRC Calendar

  1. Upcoming Race: Over Hillandale 5M. Craig could use three more course marshals. Budget meeting will take place after the race.
  2. Awards Dinner: Ask Linda to put Awards Dinner invitation up on the front page of our Website and announce the change of menu from veal to chicken.

C. Minutes

Minutes of the regular board meeting on December 4, 2003, were approved.

D. Business Involving Invited Guests

  1. Bill Morrison and Mary Foster: Membership Communication/Late Breaking News Procedure
    a. News did not get out efficiently when Jingle Bell Jog was cancelled, so we need to establish set procedures to ensure that a better job is done next time.
    b. Various methods were discussed, but the plan decided upon is as follows:
    • Contact the Administrative Assistant, who will update the phone line and send out a message to the e-mail lists.
    • If Administrative Assistant cannot be reached, contact Club President.
    • If first two cannot be reached, contact Director of Race Series.
    • It was also decided that the race director has final say on whether or not a race is changed to a fun run or cancelled.
  2. Hal Danoff: Silent Auction
    a. There was some misunderstanding about how the proceeds from the silent auction will be used, leading to a discussion of whether or not proceeds from specific events should be earmarked for specific needs. Does this decrease the club's spending flexibility?
    b. Motion was made to open a separate account to hold fund for the club house (into which the proceeds from the silent auction will go). This way there will be year to year continuity in saving for the clubhouse, and the money will be protected for that purpose. The motion passed.

E. Treasurer's Report

  1. Account Detail (as of January 6, 2004)
    a. Checking Account: $31,690.12
    b. Savings Account: $35,508.18
    c. Merrill Lynch Account: $21,334.40

  2. Marathon in the Parks
    a. Checking: $15,826.52
    b. Savings: $6,800.88

  3. Pikes Peek
    a. Checking: $13,405.
    b. Savings: $103.57.

  4. December Financial Information
    a. Although we took in significant income in the month of December, our expenses exceeded our income. This was primarily due to the payment of AARC dues and insurance for 2004, which amounted to $6,886.60. However, RMS did well Because of the Turkey Chase.
    b. For the year, we brought in more income than we had in expenses and exceeded the budget projections for both income and expense. On the income side, this was primarily due to the RRCA Convention.

  5. John Sissala: Reserve Fund
    a. Discussed the need for creating a reserve/safety net fund. The Treasurer expressed the concern that things be kept as simple as possible so that there can be easy continuity from Board to Board.
    b. Motion was made that Board policy be to consider making an annual deposit into the Merrill Lynch account at the January meeting with the long-term goal of building the fund to 80% of the operating budget. The motion passed.
    c. Motion was made, taking the Treasurer's recommendations concerning the minimum amounts that should be left in the savings and checking accounts under consideration, that $25,000 from savings and $5,000 from checking be moved into the Merrill Lynch account.
    d. This topic led to discussion of how to pass on better to the next Board the decision of this and other Boards so that each new Board was not left having to recreate the wheel. Craig will begin working on a general calendar for the next Board to use as a guideline. Jean will track down the policy manual that was created encompassing the first 20 years of MCRRC. Anna will go back through the minutes of recent years to see what policies have been created so that the policy manual can be updated and passed forward.

  6. Budget Meeting
    The Budget Meeting has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 10, immediately after the Over Hillandale 5M.

F. Apportionment/Committee Reports

  1. RRCA Membership
    RRCA has requested that we change our membership statues. The Board decided to follow the lead of the AARC. When the AARC feels comfortable about rejoining the RRCA, then MCRRC will change from a corporate member back to a full member (thus confirming the membership decision the Board made in December 2003).

  2. Maryland Grand Prix Series
    Irv Newman, Maryland's RRCA representative, has asked that we allow Twilighter to continue as one of the Grand Prix Series races. Board agreed.

  3. Awards Party
    a. Discussed the need for a DJ and decided that the music provided by the restaurant would be fine.
    b. Discussed and approved changing the menu from veal to chicken.
    c. Volunteers are needed January 19 at 7:00 at the Bauer Community Center to put together Runner of the Year posters.

  4. Lifetime Achievement Award Nominations were discussed.

  5. Strategic Planning Update
    Gary passed out a document showing everything we've discussed so far. Board should read and send comments. There's more to be discussed.

  6. Race Results Database Access
    a. Gary received a request from Walter Hill for access to our race results database for statistical analysis on the effects of age on races on non-marathon distance.
    b. Board decided that since this is public information, he can have access. There are 8 years' worth of data online, and Bill Morrison has many more years' worth. Gary will help get Walter Hill in contact with Bill Morrison

G. Unfinished Business

H. New Business

      1. Jim reported that he has received 14 second-round orders for MCRRC jackets and would be placing the order next week.

I. Announcements

J. Closure

      1. Reviewed action items.
      2. The next meeting is February 5, 2004 at 6:30 PM at That's Amore on Rockville Pike. Corinne will be taking minutes.
      3. Meeting adjourned at 10:20 PM.