Montgomery County Road Runners Club

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting of May 5, 2005


Called to order: 7:10 pm


Present: Jean Arthur, Christina Kichula, Craig Roodenburg, Cathy Blessing, Janet Newburgh, Susan Gagnon, Sethiya Renwick, Dave Haaga, Gary Resnick


Minutes Prepared By: Gary Resnick, Secretary


1.      Review Agenda

a)      No new items


2.      Review MCRRC Calendar

a)      May 21: Kids on the Run

b)      May 30 (Memorial Day): Sue and Connie's Run

c)      June 5: Volunteer Picnic and same day of Capital Crescent run

d)      Next Board meeting: some people may not be able to make it, changed to May 26 instead of June 2


3.      Minutes of the Previous Meeting

a)      Motion to accept minutes, Cathy moved, Dave seconded, unanimous


4.      Business Involving Invited Guest

a)      John Sissala: Pike’s Peek Report

i)           Received reports it was the best ever

ii)         Only heard two complaints about loud music and Port-a-Johns

iii)        Race was a technical success as well as a financial success; the race will net somewhere around 25-35K after all bills are paid

iv)       50% of net proceeds go to club, the rest are split among four beneficiaries including Schleroderma and Parkinson's charities, City of Rockville and Montgomery County

v)         The club will make about 10-15K

vi)       Darcars was the main sponsor, and Darcars Volvo was the major dealerships

vii)      White Flint is another major partner, looking for a video sponsor, very enthusiastic about next year

viii)    The negative was that we were 400 runners fewer than last year, flyer was a bit late but it was also a Jewish holiday (Passover)

ix)       Janet did a great job recruiting volunteers, despite that only had 288 volunteers including 35 team captains, fewer than the 330 we had last year

x)         Lots of people signed up through the club's online volunteer site

xi)       Next year we will probably raise prices, especially for race day registration, and we will determine the age group winners based on net time rather than gun time (even if they started the second or third wave)

xii)      John sent Jean a notice that next year will be his last year as race director, so we should look for someone else to work with John next year and then take over the following year

xiii)    In general, we received many positive comments about the race

xiv)    One issue was that we were charged by the city of Rockville for the police, so next year we may have to reduce our donation back to them

xv)     Bid for Pike's Peek as RRCA National Championship: John indicated there was positive response by the Pike's Peek Exec Committee to make a bid for the race as the RRCA National Championship Race


5.      Treasurer's Report

a)      The total cash in MCRRC accounts, as of April 30 (not including Marathon in the Parks, Pike’s Peek, and HYR accounts) was the following:

i)           Checking                                 $9,823.26   

ii)         Savings                                    $29,153.41

iii)        Savings – Clubhouse                $5,798.97

iv)       Legg Mason                            $11,217.36

v)         TOTAL Bank Accounts                                          $55,993.00

vi)       Other Assets (CD’s)                                            $20,000.00

b)      Marathon in the Parks Bank Accounts:           (as of May 1, 2005)

i)           Checking                                 $13,166.38

ii)     Savings                                    $  2,862.13
iii)        TOTAL Bank Accounts                                          $16,028.51

c)      Pikes Peek Bank Accounts      (as of May 3, 2005)

i)   Checking                                 $ 41,079.15
ii)  Savings                                    $2,063.76

iii)        TOTAL Bank Accounts                                          $43,142.91

d)      HYR Bank Account      (as of January 4, 2005)

i)   Checking                                 $7,747.69
ii) TOTAL Bank Accounts                                          $7,747.69

e)      April Financial Information:

i)           The April financial statements indicate a net income of $1,670.91. 

ii)         Significant income was received from:

·         Membership dues                                              $3,308.50

·         RMS                                                                $2,750.00

·         Contributions ($1500 Lona Brady Award)           $1,846.94

·         Mailing List Rental                                            $1,645.00

·         FTM                                                                 $1,550.00         

iii)        Significant expenses included:

·         Rundown                                                          $5,989.07

·         Payroll                                                              $  915.34

·         KOTR (Kids on the Run)                                   $707.73

f)       Budget Items:

i)           There is a question about where/when is the income from the Stride Clinic coming to us. 

·         ACTION ITEM: Christina will talk with Phil and/or Signmeup Sports, the online registration site for the clinic, regarding the money due the club.

·         Old Financial Action Items:

ii)         Prepare for end of year reconciliation and upcoming tax filings – in process.

iii)        Transfer $10,000 plus cone money into Legg Mason account - in process. 

iv)       Forms signed for bank accounts – complete

g)      New Action Items:

i)           None


6.      Unfinished Business:

a)      Review Action Items from April 7, 2005 board meeting

i)           Partner Matching System

·         in progress

ii)         RRCA Convention

·         Jean will go to RRCA Convention

iii)        Leader of Beginning Women’s Program. (Janet)

·         Valerie Grasso is in charge, program started mid-April

iv)       Second Stride Clinic (Jean)

·         Jean is waiting to hear from Dr. Horowitz

v)         Big Brothers Big Sisters proposal for Riley’s Rumble (Cathy)

·         Cathy talked with BBBS and they are looking into volunteering for the two water stops

vi)       RRCA Championship Races (Jean)

·         Nothing new to report

vii)      Link to Club web site on RRCA site

·         Issue: club link on RRCA web site doesn't seem to be working

·         ACTION ITEM: Jean will check with RRCA

b)      Lona Brady Award (Sethiya, Jean)

i)           Sethiya prepared a description (see handout #2), there are two awards to be given out yearly

ii)         There was a question about bringing age limit down to 40 to allow more potential candidates

iii)        Board agreed to set the age limit at 45, since that was Lona’s age when she passed away

iv)       Jean talked with Beginning Women's Runners, who were very enthusiastic about the award, and agreed it should be given out at the end of the Run for the Roses to a beginning woman runner

v)         A second Lona Brady award for Speed Development runner may be given at the awards party for the program, Jean will talk with Tom Brennan about it

vi)       Award amounts set at $50, Board agreed

c)      Most Improved Runner Award (Dave)

i)           Dave prepared a report (see handout #1); notion was to funnel it into the existing Runner of the Year (ROY) Committee, and he talked with Ron Ely and Joanne Mallet (Joanne is on the ROY committee) about the concept

ii)         The next steps are to get Board approval then circulate ideas to ROY committee at their annual meeting end of 2005, then take changes back to the Board for final approval, and, if approved, we would publicize in 2006 with first award to be given for 2006, at Jan/Feb 2007 awards party.

iii)        Dave suggests starting with one award, no sex or age breakdowns, since anybody can improve, but we should include age and # years as a runner in the nomination application because it's harder to improve by a given amount [say, taking 3% off your 10K time] the older you are and the longer you've been running.

iv)       Dave is asking for the Board's approval for this award

v)         MOTION: The Board approves a new Most Improved Runner of the Year award and assign selection of the Most Improved Runner of the Year to the standing ROY Committee, Craig moved, Susan seconded, unanimous

vi)       ACTION ITEM: Dave will take plans to standing ROY committee for approval, sometime December 2005 or January 2006

d)      Dr. Fartlek and “Ask the Board” communication with club members (Dave)

i)           Conceptually related to the "Ask the Board" issue, since it has to do with obtaining feedback from club members, there is the long-standing Dr. Fartlek column in Rundown

ii)         Dave talked with Dr. Fartlek and learned that Dr. Fartlek only gets one or two emails a year, but there also does not appear to be sufficient awareness among club members.  However, Dr. Fartlek is happy to continue and, as is his practice, consults with the Board and other club members with specific expertise when questions do come in to him

iii)        The question is whether Dr. Fartlek is only dealing with technical questions. Dave felt that Dr. Fartlek deals with all questions, including rants/rave/suggestions for the club/Board

iv)       Board agreed that the Dr. Fartlek outlet does not serve the purpose of providing an easy method for club members to communicate questions, concerns or feedback directly to the Board, and thus agreed to supplement Dr. Fartlek (who will continue to field questions for the Rundown) with a more broadly-focused "Ask the Board" function on both the web site and the Rundown

v)         Jean suggested we set up an email to start, advertise the email link, Susan agreed to receive the emails, need to have space on the home page indicating the email address for "Ask the Board", also have a column for answering the questions/comments in the Rundown

vi)       Jean should introduce it in the Rundown, and it can be included in Janet's Breaking News

vii)      ACTION ITEM: Jean and Susan will work on setting up the “Ask the Board” via web site and Rundown, Jean to setup the email and introduce it in the Rundown, and Susan to receive the emails and send some, with answers from the Board, to the Rundown and/or web site for publication

e)      Board Member Functional Responsibilities; New Assignments (Craig)

i)           Craig passed around the list of functions, with main categories (e.g. training programs) and subcategories.  Based on choices everyone made earlier, these were the final appointments:

·         Dave: Races and race series

·         Cathy: Training Programs

·         Susan: Weekly workouts

·         Janet: Membership Involvement and Communicaton

·         Sethiya: Commercial Activities including improving system for receiving checks from RMS jobs, working with Christina (Treasurer)

·         Craig: will take Facilities and Equipment, interacting with Phil, Lyman etc. but he will also help Jean in terms of fielding issues from Board member functions

ii)         Responsibilities of the Board member in charge of a functional area is to serve as a contact and supervisory role, to bring issues in front of the Board

iii)        Also, club members will know which Board members to call about a particular function, rather than just calling Jean

iv)       Also Board members can help recruiting volunteers for specific club functions


7.      New Business

a)      Volunteer Picnic – Sunday June 5th (Jean)

i)           Sethiya's husband was volunteered to do the announcing and MC duties because Gary will not be at the picnic (he will be out of town)

ii)         Craig will be responsible for the rental van and to move equipment from the storage shed

iii)        Jean will arrange for the food but will need supplementary ingredients from Costco, Susan agreed to go to Costco

iv)       Picnic is on June 5, from 1:30 to 4:30 at Bohr Park

v)         Jean arranged for an "activity center" rather than just a moon bounce

vi)       Jean will call the AstraEvents people about amperage needed to run off electricity and not use gas generator

vii)      Day of Event we need Board members there at 12:30

viii)    Jean took the invitations to the print shop, hopefully invitations will go out in a week

b)      Getting Metro Run/Walk Involved with Club

i)           Jean: Commercial Activities, Metro Run/Walk are very interested in working with the club

ii)         Coaching Certification course will take place at Metro Run/Walk store

iii)        Suggestion: use store for First Aid/CPR Certification

iv)       Suggestion: hold fashion shows and equipment reviews at Metro Run/Walk store, get some publicity

c)      Web Site Redesign

i)           Christina pointed out the new Board was not presented on the Web Site

ii)         Question about if anyone knows someone in the club about Web design to help Pam with the Web Site upkeep, revisions

iii)        Sethiya offered to help with the Web site,

iv)       ACTION ITEM: Sethiya will talk with Pam about helping with web duties


8.      Announcements

a)      Becky Lambros is resigning as Executive Diretor of RRCA

b)      Gary gave out awards at the Montgomery County Middle School Track Challenge at MacGruder HS, club is a key sponsor, MCPS were grateful for club's sponsorship


9.      Closure

a)      Review Action Items

i)           Stride Clinic income: Christina will talk with Phil and/or Signmeup Sports, the online registration site for the clinic, regarding the money due the club.

ii)         Web Site Redesign: Sethiya will talk with Pam about helping with web duties

iii)        Most Improved Runner of the Year Award: Dave will take the plans for the new award to the standing Runner of the Year (ROY) committee for approval, sometime December 2005 or January 2006

iv)       “Ask the Board”: Jean and Susan will work on setting up the “Ask the Board” via web site and Rundown, Jean to setup the email and introduce it in the Rundown, and Susan to receive the emails and send some, with answers from the Board, to the Rundown and/or web site for publication

v)         RRCA link to club web site: Jean will talk with RRCA

b)      Motions Passed

i)           Most Improved Runner of the Year Award: The Board approves a new Most Improved Runner of the Year award and assign selection of the Most Improved Runner of the Year to the standing Runner of the Year (ROY) Committee, passed unanimously

c)      Review Plans for Next Meeting

i)           Meeting is changed from June 2 to May 26, 2005, due to some member absences on the original date, still at 6:30 pm at 100 Maryland Ave, 5th Floor conference room. Jean will bring food


Meeting Adjourned:   9:15 pm




Gary Resnick Secretary, Montgomery County Road Runners Club      


1. Most Improved Runner of the Year Award: Draft Criteria by Dave Haaga

2. Lona Brady Award Announcement

Most Improved Runner of the Year award MCRRC

Dave Haaga 5/5/05 MCRRC Board Meeting

Draft Criteria after consultation with Joanne Mallet, Runner of the Year (ROY) Committee Chair

Justification: To recognize one MCRRC club member for the effort involved in making substantial improvement in running performance from one year to the next.

Minimal Qualifications for Consideration

1. A member of MCRRC for the entire year as well as the previous year.

2. Ran at least 5 club races during the year.

3. Volunteered at least once for MCRRC during the year. Nomination Process

1. Any club member can nominate anyone for the award. Self-nominations are welcome.

2. The ROY committee will publicize the award via, Rundown, consultation with training program coaches, and word of mouth, to encourage nominations.

3. A nomination will consist of a list of the club member's race performances [name of race, distance, finishing time, whether the race was a PR] during the year for which the award is being given AND during the previous year. The club member's age, sex, and number of years as a runner will be provided.

4.  Nominations will be due in time for consideration at the December meeting of the ROY committee.

Final Selection

The final selection will be made by the ROY committee at its January meeting based on such criteria as:

1. Number of PRs achieved during the year.

2. Range of competitive distances at which PRs were achieved.

3. Age and number of years as a runner.

4. % time improvement from the previous year in races run both years.

5. % time improvement from the previous year in races of the same distance.


The club member selected will be asked to provide a photo and some information for an introduction at the awards ceremony [basis of the improvement etc.]. At the awards party the winner will receive a poster and a plaque.

Lona Brady Award Announcement


The Montgomery County Road Runners Club announces the establishment of the Lona Brady Award honoring the memory of outstanding club member Lona Brady who died in September 2003 after battling lung cancer. Lona joined MCRRC through the Beginning Women's Running Program in 2000 and started running at the age of 45. She quickly became an active club member, running in many races and volunteering her time tirelessly. She went on to become a coach in the BWR Program, leading and mentoring women like herself, novice runners looking for a structured program and camaraderie. She also joined the Pike's Peek 10K executive committee where she helped plan the annual race of 3000 runners. When the position of Pike's Peek Treasurer opened up, she willingly volunteered.

Beginning in 2005, this award will be presented annually to one BWR participant and one Speed Development participant, 45 or older, who has demonstrated upstanding character, enthusiasm, generous spirit, and support of others. The winner will be chosen by the respective program's coaches and pace group leaders.

This award is funded by donations from Lona's husband Mike Brady and sister Sue Dembo. If you would like to make contributions to this fund, contact MCRRC.