Montgomery County Road Runners Club

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting of May 26, 2005


Called to order: 7:10 pm


Present: Jean Arthur, Christina Kichula, Craig Roodenburg, Cathy Blessing, Janet Newburgh, Susan Gagnon, Sethiya Renwick, Dave Haaga, Gary Resnick


Minutes Prepared By: Gary Resnick, Secretary


1.      Review Agenda

a)         No new items

2.      Review MCRRC Calendar

a)         Monday Sue and Connie's Run, May 30

b)         Capital Crescent Run on June 5

c)         Volunteer Picnic June 4

d)         Run for Roses June 18

e)         Burning Tree June 26      

3.      Minutes of the Previous Meeting

a)         Motion to accept minutes, Cathy moved, Janet seconded, unanimous

b)         Discussion around whether to include handouts as part of minutes, it was decided this should be done on an individual basis.  In the case of the previous (May) meeting, the handouts were considered appropriate.

4.      Business Involving Invited Guest

a)         None

5.      Treasurer's Report

a)         MCRRC Account Detail:

i)               The total cash in MCRRC accounts, as of May 25 (not including Marathon in the Parks, Pike’s Peek, and HYR accounts) was the following:

·              Checking       $20,104.99

·              Savings         $29,185.04

·              Savings – Clubhouse  $5,801.30

·              Legg Mason  $21,253.36

·              TOTAL Bank Accounts         $76,344.69

·              Other Assets (CDs)   $20,000.00

ii)              Marathon in the Parks:

·              Bank Accounts:         (as of May 1, 2005)

·              Checking       $13,166.38

·              Savings         $2,862.13

·              TOTAL Bank Accounts         $16,028.51

iii)            Pikes Peek:

·              Bank Accounts          (as of May 3, 2005)

·              Checking       $41,079.15

·              Savings         $2,063.76

·              TOTAL Bank Accounts                                $43,142.91

iv)            HYR:

·              Bank Account           (as of January 4, 2005)

·              Checking       $7,747.69

·              TOTAL Bank Accounts                                $7,747.69

b)         May Financial Information:

i)               The May financial statements indicate a net income of $20,181.73. 

ii)              Significant income was received from:

·              Membership dues       $6,292.00

·              RMS $5,029.56

·              FTM $11,756.50

iii)            Significant expenses included:

·              RRCA Convention     $985.34

·              Payroll          $1,046.11

·              Intervals        $654.53

c)         Budget Items:

i)               Stride Clinic income - $18 – where is online money?  It appears that Gary can now access data; waiting for update

ii)              Action Item: Stride Clinic - Gary needs to go online and get an income report and he will send them to Christina

d)         Old Financial Action Items:

i)               Prepare for end of year reconciliation and upcoming tax filings. – In-process

ii)              Transfer $10,000 plus cone money into Legg Mason account. – In-process

e)         New Financial Action Items:

i)               None

f)          Motion to accept Treasurer's Report: David moved, Cathy seconded

6.      Unfinished Business - Review Action Items from May, 2005 board meeting

a)         Stride Clinic income

i)               see above

b)         Big Brothers Big Sisters proposal for Riley’s Rumble (0504-5a)

i)               Cathy has not heard back definitely from BBBS, just that they are checking to see if they can get people

c)         Link to Club web site on RRCA site (0505-6a)

i)               Jean fixed the problem, RRCA sent her a letter and password to fix the club's information on the RRCA's website - completed

d)         “Ask the Board” (0504-2a)

i)               Susan and Jean are still working on it, Jean will talk to Andy Steinfeld re: email address for "Ask the Board" and then advertise in Rundown and on web site

ii)              when emails come in Susan will collect the emails and work with Board to answer them

iii)            eventually there will be a space in the Rundown for answers

iv)            questions where a lot of members would be interested and where information needs to go out quickly to members might be posted in Janet's column on the web

e)         Partner Matching System (0503-9b)

i)               Janet working with Pat Taylor on implementing the system

f)          Safety Notification System (0501-9c)

i)               this notification has gone through the RRCA in the past, but it's not clear what their current plans are in that regard, and that may not be the most appropriate system, since the notification is basically a local issue, so ultimately it is up to our club to take the initiative to collaborate with the MC police about safety issues

ii)              Action Item: Jean will approach state RRCA rep re: setting up a safety notification system

iii)            Janet checked with Jodi, who said that she is on that notification list now, but that there have not been any recent incidents that were of safety concerns to runners

iv)            Action Item: Jean will talk with some of the retired park police contacts in the district

g)         Volunteer Picnic

i)               invitations went out, but some people have not yet received them

ii)              board members will show up at 12:30 to organize the event, food will arrive around the same time

iii)            Sethiya and Jean will work on obtaining prizes

iv)            Jean will bring picnic prizes - Janet will put an announcement on MCRUN and her web column about the picnic, RSVP by Thursday June2

7.      New Business

a)         Involving more young adult runners in MCRRC

i)               Dave handed out discussion points about the lack of young adult (20's and 30's) runners in MCRRC

ii)              Dave discussed the results of a brief informal survey of 11 female graduate students in their 20s, 8 responded

iii)            every respondent said something about wanting social activities, happy hour or run and picnic, brunch at someone's house after a group run, or other athletic outings such as hiking, kayaking

iv)            another theme was the issue of demystifying the club, understanding what goes on in a club, don't need to be a fast runner

v)             when asked about what price they'd be willing to pay, there was a positive response to the notion of having an initial price break or a free trial period

vi)            some people also liked the idea of having someone designated to greet newcomers at a club event while others thought it might be too intrusive

vii)          when asked about how to publicize club events, suggestions included posting on, flyers at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Hudson Trail Outfitters, REI, running stores, ads on metro or in buses or ads on NPR (some of these are too costly), ads in the Express, information at community boards

viii)         we should put flyers out at various places, running stores, there are new MCRRC flyers in the shed

ix)            Jean will take flyers out to running stores and her gym, Gary will also take flyers to his gym

x)             there was considerable discussion about how to bring in more young adults

xi)            we should also reach out to club members who are young adults and who do not participate in club events, especially among family members

xii)          agreement that we should have a social event for young adults

xiii)         We need to find a champion to organize a singles/young adult social evening

xiv)        Action Item: Jean will ask Mary to do a query on the number of members in their 20s and will check on an email from a young adult as possible champion

b)         Parks Bulletin Boards

i)               Janet was checking out the course for Sue and Connie's run and saw one of the Park Bulletin Board near Baltic Ave. and the club material posted in it was very outdated

ii)              Dave lives nearby and is willing to update the Bulletin Board

iii)            there are four Bulletin Boards altogether, Ken Gar, Cedar, Baltic (most northern), near East-West and the synagogue

iv)            Christina can do the one by East-West highway

v)             Jean said she can do the ones by Ken Gar and Cedar

c)         Club Equipment Shed Cleanup

i)               Jean received an email from Lyman saying that Phil wants to do a shed cleanup on June 18-19, Lyman and Phil will sort through the stuff in the shed beforehand, setup some shelving

ii)              there will be an announcement in MCRUN

d)         RRCA Convention

i)               RRCA is allowing in for-profit organizations, but it was voted that they do not get voting rights

e)         Club Database Management

i)               Jean talked about a vendor called Club Express that manages clubs and community organizations databases via the web, from volunteering to registering for races, not clear how much it would cost

ii)              it would be easy to do queries and to manage club database

iii)            Action Item: Jean will look into the costs (it seemed high), there are actually four businesses doing this kind of work, the business is relatively new

8.      Announcements

9.      Closure

a)         Review Action Items

i)               Stride Clinic Finances: Gary needs to go online and get an income report and he will send them to Christina

ii)              Safety Notification System:  Jean will approach state RRCA rep re: setting up a system

iii)            Safety Notification system: Janet will check with Jodie who will talk to her Park police contact as to how we can get on the existing park police incident list

iv)            Safety Notification system:  Jean will talk with some of the retired park police contacts in the district

v)             Involving more young adult runners in MCRRC: Jean will ask Mary to do a query on the number of members in their 20s and will check on an email from a young adult as possible champion

vi)            Updating Club Information on Bulletin Boards in Rock Creek Park: Dave will update the one near Baltic, Christina will do the one near East-West, and Jean will update the ones at Ken-Gar and Cedar Lane

vii)          Club Database Management: Jean will look into the costs (it seemed high), there are actually four businesses doing this kind of work, the business is relatively new

b)         Motions Passed

i)               None

c)         Review Plans for Next Meeting

i)               Next meeting is June 30 instead of July 7 [POST-MEETING: the date was subsequently changed to June 28 due to long weekend]

ii)              Dave is bringing food


Meeting Adjourned:   9:25 pm





Gary Resnick Secretary, Montgomery County Road Runners Club