Montogmery County Road Runners Club

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting of April 7, 2005


Called to order 7:00


Present:  Jean Arthur, Christina Kichula, Craig Roodenburg, Cathy Blessing, Janet Newburgh, Susan Gagnon, Sethiya Renwick, Dave Haaga


Invited Guests:  Pat Maloney


Minutes Prepared by:  Susan Gagnon


1.     Minutes of the Previous Meeting

a.  Motion to accept minutes, Craig moved, Christina seconded, 4 yes 3 abstain (new members)


2.  Business Involving Invited Guest

a.  Pat Maloney raised issues concerning online registration process

i.  It should be easier to sign up

ii.  Volunteers were not always notified of their jobs through the old system

iii.  Question as to whether race directors are seeing the feedback on the pink cards

iv.  Suggestion that we should start an "Ask the Board"column in which different board members could respond to different topics

v.  Jean will talk to Chris Caravoulias about this


3.  Treasurer's Report

            a.  Motion to accept, Cathy moved, Janet seconded, unanimous

            b.  See attached

Montgomery County Road Runners Club, Inc.


Treasurer's Report

April 6, 2005



Attached are the following reports:


       Balance Sheet, as of March 31, 2004

       Profit & Loss, March 2004

       Profit & Loss, Budget Performance, March 2004



MCRRC Account Detail:

The total cash in MCRRC accounts, as of March 31 (not including Marathon in the Parks, Pike's Peek, and HYR accounts) was the following:


Checking                       $7,586.85     

Savings                       $29,126.45

Savings – Clubhouse    $5,796.90

Legg Mason                $11,217.36

Merrill Lynch                             $0     

TOTAL Bank Accounts                            $53,727.56


Other Assets (CDs)                                 $20,000.00


Marathon in the Parks:

Bank Accounts:     (as of February 28, 2005)

Checking                     $13,205.03

Savings                        $ 2,861.15
TOTAL Bank Accounts                            $16,066.18


Pikes Peek:

Bank Accounts      (as of April 6, 2005)

    Checking                      $ 18,327.08
    Savings                           $2,062.97

TOTAL Bank Accounts                            $20,390.05



Bank Account        (as of January 4, 2005)

    Checking                         $7,747.69
TOTAL Bank Accounts                              $7,747.69



March Financial Information:

The March financial statements indicate a net income of $2,017.51.  Significant income was received from:



Significant expenses included:


Budget Items:



Old Action Items:

1.     Prepare for end of year reconciliation and upcoming tax filings.

2.     Transfer $10,000 plus cone money into Legg Mason account.


New Action Items:

  1. Forms signed for bank accounts.



Respectfully prepared by:




Christina Kichula, MCRRC Treasurer



4.  Unfinished Business

            a.  RRCA Convention - information

i.  Registration is coming up soon, have to let Jean know if we're interested in going

ii.  Amount of reimbursement depends on how many people attend

            b.  Notter Consulting - discussion

                        i.  Club member owns the company

                        ii.  Could consult with board on functioning more effectively

iii.  Board consensus was that the board is newly constituted and functioning well at present, so we have no need for this service

            c.  Chi Running - information

                        i.  Danny Dreyer will be holding a two-day workshop locally

ii.  He asked for the club's co-sponsorship and help in procuring a location, and Jean set him up with the Aspen Hill Club on June 10.

iii.  The club will incur no expense except possibly providing refreshments

iv.  No objections from board to the club's name being associated with this


            d.  Lona Brady Award - Discussion         

                        i.  Lona was a club member who died of cancer at 48 years old

                        ii.  Her husband and sister gave $1500 to set up an award

iii.  Club could present 2 awards annually, one a member of the Beginning Women's Program and the other to a member of the Speed Development Program

iv.  Guidelines need to be established for determining eligibility for the award

v.  Sethiya agreed to write a draft of a paragraph describing ≥Lona's spirit≤ and the board will base the criteria on this

vi.  Christina and Jean will work to establish a separate account for this fund

vii.  Janet recommended publicizing the existence of this fund via normal club channels so that club members can contribute to keep the fund going

            e.  Partnering with Elite Training – discussion

i.  This local gym would like to come to races and lead warm-ups and stretches

ii.  Sethiya asked what the advantage would be for the club

iii.  Craig agreed to deal with businesses wishing to partner with us and will work on establishing what we could ask of these businesses in return

f.  Child Care at Club Events – discussion

i.  A parent brought up the question of child care during races so that both parents can run/volunteer

ii.  The board brought up that this has been attempted in the past, no one was in support of trying again

            g.  Outstanding Participant Award Proposal – discussion      

                        i.  draft proposal submitted by Wayne Carson

ii.  aims to recognize a club member with an exceptional record of participation, both running and volunteering

iii.  board agreed to accept the criteria as stated in the draft but to amend by saying that a person can only receive this award once.

iv.  Qualifications for award will be published in The Rundown

v.  Jean will contact Chris C. to let her know about this

vi.  See draft on next page

Outstanding Participation Award (Draft)

Submitted by Wayne Carson




Justification: To recognize one MCRRC club member for a broad range of participation in the club. This participation shall include but not be limited to running in club races, volunteering in club races, and running on MCRRC teams.


Minimal Qualifications for Consideration:


  1. Qualify for the participation series award (16 races, 2 of which are volunteer activites)


  1. Volunteer 5 times


    1. 2 volunteer activities must be for a championship series or cross country series race (Note: I noticed there are a lot of running participants that don't volunteer these events)


    1. 1 volunteer activity must be for a major MCRRC club race (e.g. Pike's Peek, Rockville Twilighter, Halloween Young Run, etc.)


  1. Qualify for either the championship series (5 out of 12 races) or cross country series (4 of 7 races)


  1. Participate on 3 team events during the year


  1. The participation series coordinator is not eligible


Note: There were 3 participation series award winners that met these criteria in 2004 (I was disqualified on item 5).


Final Selection


The final selection shall be made by the board from the list of eligible candidates.  Possible criteria for making the final selection may include:


  1. Number of events participated in and types of participation
  2. Other types of club participation not in the minimal qualifications
  3. Long term service to the club
  4. Recommendation of the participation series coordinator
  5. Race performance
  6. Runner improvement


The participation series coordinator provides the statistics for item 1.


            h.  Stride Clinic – discussion

i.  Steve Horowitz from Varsity Sports would like to work with MCRRC to develop a second stride clinic in Rockville

ii.  Steve says he will use his staff and MCRRC will only have to advertise it

iii.  Christina suggested that we would need to charge the same price as the existing clinic

iv.  Craig suggested that we should have him organize a prototype session so that some of the club leadership could attend and assess

v.  Jean will call Steve back and talk to him about this




i.  Volunteer Picnic – Sunday June 5th

                        i.  Jean will take care of food

ii.  Sethiya will be in charge of organizing the games.  Janet suggested bingo, Sethiya will look into it.

            j.  Championship Series - discussion

                        i.  Suggestion was made that we add a volunteer component to this series

ii.  If so, we should add a volunteer component to the XC Race Series as well

iii.  Jean agreed to announce this new criteria


5.  New Business

            a.  Big Brothers Big Sisters proposal for Riley's Rumble – proposal

i.  Cathy's contact would like to supply corporate sponsorship for this race if MCRRC agrees to donate race proceeds to BBBS

ii.  The board disagreed because we need to make a profit from this race and the corporate sponsorship would disqualify it from being a low key club race

iii.  Board agreed that we could give them a waterstop if they provide volunteers and a table at the start/finish for visibility

iv.  Cathy will find out from Tom Temin how many volunteers would be appropriate and will take the proposal back to her contact at BBBS

            b.  Adding Late-Breaking News on MCRRC.ORG - proposal

i.  Janet expressed that there is a communication gap for late-breaking news

ii.  She presented a sample of a simple, low key article that could be put on the web right after the event

iii.  Pam Clark will set this up when she gets a chance

iv.  Board agreed that this is a great idea

            c.  RRCA Championship Races - proposal

i.  Jean stated that bids can be put in to RRCA to make a race a championship race, and that she would like to see MCRRC apply for a major race

ii.  She will put in a bunch of our races to see what happens.

            d.  VP and At-Large Responsibility Areas – proposal

i.  Craig suggested that VP and at-large members volunteer to be the contact points for questions/concerns in given areas

ii.  This will take the pressure off of Jean and will get the board members more involved

iii.  Craig suggested that the members look over the list of areas he provided and contact him with their preferences

iv.  This discussion will be tabled until the next meeting


6.  Closure

            a.  Action Items

                        i.  Jean will contact Chris C. regarding an ≥Ask the Board≤ column

ii.  Jean will contact Notter Consulting and let them know that we do not currently need their services

iii.  Sethiya will write a paragraph for the Lona Brady Award

iv.  Christina and Jean will establish and account for the Lona Brady Award

v. Jean will contact Chris C. regarding the establishment of the Outstanding Participant Award

vi.  Jean will contact Steve Horowitz regarding the organization of a prototype session for a second stride clinic

vii.  Sethiya will organize games for the volunteer picnic

viii.  Jean will announce the newly created volunteer component for the Championship Series and the XC Series

ix.  Cathy will take the Riley's Rumble proposal back to her contact at BBBS

x.  Jean will apply for Championship Race status for several of our club races

xi.  At-Large Board members will notify Craig of their preferences for areas of responsibility


Meeting adjourned:  9:30pm


Next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 5 in the 5th floor conference room of the County Office Building.