Montgomery County Road Runners Club

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting of October 2, 2008 

Called to order: 7:05 pm 

Present:  Cathy Blessing (President), Sethiya Renwick (Vice President), Chris Richey (Treasurer), Mical Honigfort (Secretary), Jean Arthur (Member at Large), Susan Debad (Member at Large), Jim Farkas (Member at Large), Leonard Lee (Member at Large), Craig Roodenburg (Member at Large) 

Minutes Prepared By:  Mical Honigfort, Secretary 

  1. Review Agenda- nothing added or changed
  2. Business involving guests
    1. Kimberly Price- DARCARS Young Run
      1. Everything is coming together for the race.  There will be special festivities for 20th anniversary and alot of volunteers are needed.
      2. Discussed recognition of former race director
      3. Discussed recognizing schools who have participated the most throughout the years
      4. Need radios for parking-  board agreed that Kimberly should purchase 2 more sets of radios
      5. Need cups for DYR- Susan will order a new supply of cups
      6. City of Rockville requested wrap-up meeting possibly including the new RD for 2009
    2. Daryl Hultquist- Green Team
      1. Daryl reported that a small group of members is starting to look at ways to make club races more environmentally friendly.
      2. The group plans to start their efforts with DYR in the following ways:
        • Have some table space to build awareness and promote the effort
        • Organize recycling efforts at the race
      3. The team eventually hopes to have ‘green coordinators’ for major races and plans for their activities to minimally affect the duties of the RDs.
      4. George Tarrico recommended that Daryl provide input for the RD manual for low-key races
    3. George Tarrico- Club race schedule
      1. George passed out a preliminary low-key race schedule for 2009
      2. He noted the following new races projected to be on the calendar for 2009
        • New XC race in Black Hill Regional Park (RD: Michelle Price)
        • New race near Wootton High School (RD: Tom Temin)
        • Greenwood 5k in place of Bethesda Trolley (RD: Alan Borst)
  3. Club Administrator Report
    1. Susan reported on membership as of October 2:  3381 total members; 38 new members in   October.
    2. Susan is starting work on the volunteer database.
  4. Review MCRRC Calendar
    1. Little Bennett’s Revenge-  Sunday, October 12, 8:30 am, Derwood
    2. DARCARS Young Run- Sunday, October 19, 9am, Rockville
    3. Rockville 5k/10k- Sunday, November 2, 2008, Rockville
  5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
    1. Jean moves to accept minutes as revised, Craig seconds, unanimous.
  6. Treasurer’s Report
    1. The total cash in MCRRC accounts as of September 30, 2008 (not including Parks Half Marathon, Pike’s Peek, and DYR accounts) was the following:
      1. Checking (9223) $35,486.36 
      2. USATF XC (0963) $1,000.00
      3. Savings (6828) $16,213.88
      4. Smith Barney $ 45,720.77
      5. Total Bank Accounts  $98,421.01
      6. Other Assets (CDs)  $33,000.00
        • Includes $10,000 Clubhouse CD at NASA FCU and $23,000 CDs at Smith Barney
    2. Parks Half Marathon Bank Accounts  (as of September 30, 2008)
      1.  Checking   $4,793.13
      2.  Savings   $2,366.68
      3. Total Bank Accounts      $7,159.81
    3. Pike’s Peek Bank Account  (as of September 30, 2008) 
      1. Checking    $19,126.27
      2. Total Bank Accounts $19,126.27
    4. DYR Bank Account (as of September 30, 2008)
      1.  Checking   $2,613.98
      2.        Total Bank Accounts                         $2,613.98
    5. September Financial Information
      1. Significant items
        • $6,056 payment from Rockville Twilighter
        • $3,725 in membership dues
    6. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report:   Jim moves, Susan seconds, passed unanimously.
  7. Unfinished Business (action and in-progress items from previous meetings)
    1. Review action items/open issues from prior Board meeting:
      1. Club credit cards (0712-6e-i)
        • ACTION ITEM:  Chris circulated updated credit card policy and the policy will be approved between meetings
      2. Self defense class (0809-8i)-  Jean spoke to her contact at the police department about scheduling a class- in progress
      3. Improving Runner Safety (0809-8c)- Cathy contacted the club member who had inquired on this issue- completed
      4. Medical Coverage (0809-8e)- Cathy will contact Medstar about their program- in progress
    2.   Review in-progress items from prior meetings:
      1. Fleet Feet Gaithersburg working with the club on a member night (0807-8b)- in progress
      2. Criteria for lending club equipment (0711-7e)- the board discussed equipment lending and the need for a lending policy; Craig will draft the policy and circulate between meetings- in progress
      3. IPICO and RMS (0804-7a)- Chris will research adding Susan to the account in order to sign checks for RMS purchases-  in progress;  Chris noted that there has not been a need to write many RMS checks lately
      4. Strategic Plan—Club Program Reports (0703-7a)
        • Circulating sample report to coaches; Twilighter issues; Recognizing coaches- in progress
        • Sethiya will create a new Sign Me Up account for the training programs
      5. Development of formal reserve payback plan for timing system (0807-8a)
        • Chris will look at the pricing list for the races and determine what will be put back into the reserves-  in progress
      6. Back of the Pack (0807-8b)- Leonard is working on making sure the BOP information on the website is correct- in progress
  8. New Business
    1. Insurance
      1. Jean passed around an insurance quote for our equipment
      2. MOTION:  Craig moved to accept this bid for insurance; Chris seconds; unanimous
      3. ACTION ITEM: Jean will contact the company and set up the plan.
    2. RMS issues
      1. MOTION:  Craig moved to purchase 2500 additional IPICO tags. Jim seconds, unanimous
      2. RMS requested the purchase of broadband cards and service for the new laptops.  MOTION:  Craig moved that the club authorize purchase of broadband cards and access for the new laptops.  Susan seconds, unanimous.  The board is in the process of developing a usage policy.
    3. Bathroom Build-out
      1. This will be discussed as part of the 2009 budget.
    4. Funding JFK Runners
      1. MOTION:  Jean moved to allocate $200 for support for JFK Runners, Chris seconded, unanimous.
  9. Standing Items
    1. Strategic Plan – Compiling/updating governance policies
    2. Strategic Plan – Increasing participation and volunteerism
  10. Business Between Meetings
    1. Chris moved to fund relay teams for the Ragnar Relay race at up to $200.  Jean seconds.  2 in favor, 6 opposed, 1 abstention. Motion did not pass.
  11. Announcements
    1. Letter from Friends of Seneca Creek State Park:  Bill Larson passed away (ranger from Seneca Creek State Park)
    2. Thank you from Duane Goddard for fruit basket
  12. Closure
    1. Action items:
      1. Jean will contact insurance company to set up policy on our equipment.
      2. Chris will circulate credit card policy; board will approve between meetings.
    2. Motions:
      1. The equipment insurance quote was approved.
      2. The board approved the purchase of broadband cards and service for the club laptops.
      3. The purchase of 2500 IPICO tags was approved.
      4. Support for JFK runners was approved.
    3. Review Plans for Next Meeting
      1. Next meeting is October 30, 2008 at 6:30 pm at the Southlawn clubhouse. Leonard offered to bring food.

Meeting adjourned: 9:50 pm 

Respectfully submitted,

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Mical Honigfort