Montgomery County Road Runners Club

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting of September 4, 2008 

Called to order: 7:05 pm 

Present:  Cathy Blessing (President), Sethiya Renwick (Vice President), Mical Honigfort (Secretary), Jean Arthur (Member at Large), Susan Debad (Member at Large), Jim Farkas (Member at Large), Craig Roodenburg (Member at Large) 

Minutes Prepared By:  Mical Honigfort, Secretary 

  1. Review Agenda- nothing added or changed
  2. Business involving guests- none
  3. Club Administrator Report
    1. Susan passed out a summary of the number of members and new members (3436 total members as of September 4; 57 new members in the past month)
    2. Susan will order more magnets for the new member packets. 
  4. Review MCRRC Calendar
    1. Cabin Johns Kids Run-  Sunday, September 7, Gaithersburg
    2. Parks Half Marathon- Sunday, September 14, Rockville
  5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting (between meetings)
    1. Susan moves to accept minutes, Chris seconds, unanimous.
  6. Treasurer’s Report
    1. The total cash in MCRRC accounts as of August 31, 2008 (not including Parks Half Marathon, Pike’s Peek, and DYR accounts) was the following:
      1. Checking (9223) $51,640.88 
      2. USATF XC (0963) $1,000.00
      3. Savings (6828) $16,203.92
      4. Smith Barney $ 45,639.44
      5. Total Bank Accounts  $114,484.24
      6. Other Assets (CDs)  $33,000.00
        • Includes $10,000 Clubhouse CD at NASA FCU and $23,000 CDs at Smith Barney
    2. Parks Half Marathon Bank Accounts  (as of August 31, 2008)
      1.  Checking   $27,707.77
      2.  Savings   $2,366.30
      3. Total Bank Accounts      $30,074.07
    3. Pike’s Peek Bank Account  (as of August 31, 2008) 
      1. Checking    $23,126.27
      2. Total Bank Accounts $23,126.27
    4. DYR Bank Account (as of August 31, 2008)
      1.  Checking   $3,585.75
      2.        Total Bank Accounts                         $3,585.75
    5. August Financial Information
      1. Significant items
        • $14,000 deposited from Pike’s Peek, $8,239 from RMS, and $7,936 from XMP
        • $12,110 paid to People’s Realty for clubhouse build-out
    6. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report:  Jean moves, Jim seconds, passed unanimously.
  7. Unfinished Business (action and in-progress items from previous meetings)
    1. Review action items/open issues from prior Board meeting:
      1. Club credit cards (0712-6e-i)
        • ACTION ITEM:  Chris will circulate his updated policy between meetings.
      2. Strategic Plan- club program reports (0703-7a)
        • Issues that came up with some summer training programs:  Sethiya will talk to the coaches about issues as far as registering participants for goal races, club policies, etc.
        • Recognizing program head coaches:  The board agreed that we should honor the club program coaches at the awards party.
      3. Development of formal reserve payback plan for timing system (0807-8a)- in progress
      4. Back of the Pack coordinator (0807-8b)- in progress
    2.   Review in-progress items from prior meetings:
      1. Furnishing clubhouse meeting room/equipment (0807-8a)
        • The equipment managers plan to buy 2 new laptops
      2. Fleet Feet Gaithersburg working with the club on a member night (0807-8b)- in progress
      3. Holiday Party
        • Michele Potter is working on logistics for the party (deposit for DJ, alcohol permit)
        • Cost to members will be $15.
      4. Training on IPICO (0806-8b)
        • Phil Quinn is having an IPICO training on Sunday, September 7 to train volunteers on the use of IPICO for the Parks Half Marathon.
      5. Criteria for lending club equipment (0711-7e)- Craig will draft criteria for lending of club equipment, guidance for equipment manager and club equipment inventory- in progress
      6. IPICO and RMS (0804-7a)- Chris will research adding Susan to the account in order to sign checks for RMS purchases- in progress
      7. Volunteer program/project coordinators (0805)
        • Cathy reported that there is a group of members that is going to pursue “green” issues for the club.
  8. New Business
    1. Self defense class
      1. ACTION ITEM:  Jean will email a contact regarding the offering a self defense class, consistent with how the club has offered such classes before
    2. Awards party-  Mical is coordinating the Awards Party this year.  The board agreed on the following details:
        • Date-  February 22, 2009 (tentative)
        • Cost to Members-  $25 (raising price this year due to rising costs noting that the club still subsidizes 50% of the dinner cost per member)
        • Location- Rockville Hilton
        • Susan will help with getting letters out inviting award winners as per the new policy to pay for their dinners
    3. Improving Runner Safety
      1. A member asked about runner safety in Rock Creek park
      2. An idea that was suggested was to contact the Park Police to find out about the volunteer safety patrol program; could possibly encourage club members to volunteer- ACTION ITEM: Cathy will follow up with the member
    4. Policy on Program Sponsors
      1. Discussed policy on sponsorship and guidelines for sponsorship
    5. Medical Coverage
      1. Approached by Medstar Sports Health offering an affiliation with the club
      2. ACTION ITEM:  Cathy will contact Medstar to find out more about what they offer and the benefit to the club.
  9. Standing Items
    1. Strategic Plan – Compiling/updating governance policies
    2. Strategic Plan – Increasing participation and volunteerism
  10. Business Between Meetings
    1. Approved the August minutes
  11. Announcements
    1. Thank you from Carol and John Sissala for flowers
    2. Thank you from the Magins for the gift following Rob’s surgery
  12. Closure
    1. Action items:
      1. Chris will circulate a revised credit card policy
      2. Jean will contact someone about self defense class
      3. Cathy will follow up on the member inquiry on safety issues
      4. Cathy will contact Medstar
    2. Review Plans for Next Meeting
      1. Next meeting is October 2, 2008 at 6:30 pm at the Stella Werner Council Office Bldg, 5th Floor Conference Room, 100 Maryland Ave. Sethiya offered to bring food.

Meeting adjourned: 9:15 pm 

Respectfully submitted,

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Mical Honigfort