Montgomery County Road Runners Club

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting of February 7, 2008 

Called to order: 7:05  pm 

Present:  Craig Roodenburg (President), Cathy Blessing (Vice President), Chris Richey (Treasurer), Mical Honigfort (Secretary), Jean Arthur (Member at Large), Jim Farkas (Member at Large), Sethiya Renwick (Member at Large) 

Invited guests: Susan Debad (club administrator)

Minutes Prepared By:  Mical Honigfort, Secretary 

  1. Review Agenda
    1. Added unfinished business 6(a) and new business items 7(c) and 7(d)
  2. Business involving guests
    1. Susan Debad
      1. Susan will attend the beginning of the board meeting every month.
      2. Susan reported that the membership database is updated.  We have been having a problem with returned mail due to wrong addresses and this problem should now be resolved.
      3. Susan asked if the club could provide something else to send out in new member packets.  Cathy mentioned that we could possibly provide one of the new stickers.  Susan will also consider other ideas and report back.
      4. Susan asked the board to consider a flat-fee subsidy for mileage to cover gas for the driving done as administrator (in lieu of internet charges which we were paying for the former administrator).
    2. Dave Sciannella
      1. Dave, along with Wanda Walters, would like to start a new training program to run in the time period between the Speed Development Program and 10k Program.  The program would run approximately 8 weeks and target the Twilighter 8k.
      2. Some concerns were raised about conflicting with the Beginning Women’s Running Program far as pace leaders and coaches and possibly attracting some of the more advanced participants who would otherwise join the BWR Program.
      3. Dave offered that Sethiya (as head of BWR) could fill her pacer/coach spots first before he filled the ones for the 8k program.
      4. The board asked Dave to address the need for program.  Dave explained that he has heard feedback that people want something to fill in this time period in the calendar with an organized program.
      5. The possible locations for workouts would be Candy Cane City and one of the Rockville tracks, not to conflict with any existing programs or workouts.  The proposed program would run Tuesdays or Wednesdays and Sunday.
      6. The issue of whether the BWR participants could join 8k program for the 4 weeks after the end of their program, before Twilighter, was discussed.  The discussion included:  if these participants should be charged, how much to charge these participants, and if a transition into the 8k program would be possible.
    3. Lyman Jordan and Mike Acuna
      1. Lyman explained that Phil Quinn would like to get more people trained on tag pulling to handle those RMS races. 
      2. The board and guests discussed transponder timing systems and potential ways to lower timing costs for the club.
      3. The board would like to see a cost analysis for use of a transponder system for club and RMS races.  The guests agreed to provide this analysis in order to continue the discussion.
  3. Review MCRRC Calendar
    1. Sunday, February 10, 2008, Awards Party, 4:00 pm, Rockville
    2. Saturday, March 1, 2008, Greenway Trail Marathon & 50k, 8:00 am, Poolesville
  4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
    1.    Cathy moves to accept minutes.  Craig seconds, passed unanimously.
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    1. The total cash in MCRRC accounts, as of January 31, 2008 (not including Parks Half Marathon, Pike’s Peek, and DYR accounts) was the following:
      1. Checking (9223) $32,976.78 
      2. Savings (6828) $16,114.39
      3. Savings – Clubhouse (7652) $ 0
      4. Smith Barney $10,717.43
      5. Total Bank Accounts  $59,808.60
      6. Other Assets (CDs)  $90,000.00
    2. Parks Half Marathon Bank Accounts  (as of January 31, 2008)
      1.  Checking   $5,635.03
      2.  Savings   $2,360.06
      3. Total Bank Accounts      $7,955.09
    3. Pike’s Peek Bank Account  (as of January 31, 2008) 
      1. Checking    $8,245.14
      2. Total Bank Accounts $8,245.14
    4. DYR Bank Account (as of January 31, 2007)
      1.  Checking   $18,200.00
      2.        Total Bank Accounts                         $18,200.00
    5. February Financial Information
      1. Significant income was received from:
        • Parks Half Marathon $8000.00
        • Membership Dues $5650.00 
    6. Financial Items
      1. Centralized corporate credit cards- Chris is researching options
      2. Bulk mail account- Chris is researching CAPS electronic funding of account
      3. $35,000 was transferred from checking to reserves
    7. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report:  Jim moves, Jean seconds, passed unanimously.
  6. Unfinished Business (action items from previous meetings)
    1. Bylaws amendment for proxy voting
      1. We discussed whether we would make this bylaw change this year as discussed at the July 2007 board meeting.
      2. The board concluded that implementing anything other than an electronically-based system would not be cost effective and we do not have the expertise to implement this type of electronic system at this time.
    2. Review Action Items from prior Board meeting:
      1. Christina will ask Lyman about the “Property of MCRRC” stickers- in progress
      2. Cathy and Craig will discuss the logistics of getting the Volunteer Award plaques- the awards were purchased
      3. New webmaster- Arya Akmal agreed to be the new webmaster
      4. Jean will draft the bylaw change regarding electronic signatures- in progress
      5. Centralized photo web site discussion/approvals
        • MOTION: Jim moved to reimburse Ken Trombatore for costs incurred with and the club will pay the monthly fee.  Chris seconds, unanimous.
        • We will discuss the issue of the domain name at next meeting.
    3.   Review in-progress items from prior meetings:
      1. Jim will start club e-newsletter- in progress
      2. Criteria for lending club equipment (0711-7e): draft criteria for lending of club equipment; Christina is working on the guidance for the equipment manager- in progress
      3. Strategic Plan - Club Program Reports (0703-7a): Christina and Cathy will put together the requirements for these reports and will provide this information to the program heads- Christina was unavailable to report
      4. Financial (0702-5f):  Chris will close clubhouse account and put money into higher paying “Clubhouse” CD-  the clubhouse account was closed and the opening of a new clubhouse CD is in progress (this is reflected by zero balance of former clubhouse account in item 5(a)(iii))
  7. New Business
    1. Calleva sponsorship of Greenway Marathon (0802-7a)
      1. The logo and link can go on race website but not on the MCRRC homepage.
      2. The Board authorizes a half page ad in Rundown for Ed Schultze to offer to Calleva in exchange for help with the trail marathon.
    2. Stride clinic- gift for staff (0802-7b)
      1. The Board authorizes the purchase of $50 gift certificates for the stride clinic staff.
    3. Reimbursement for mileage for Susan Debad (0802-7c)
      1. The board discussed the mileage reimbursement proposed by Susan Debad.  The Board authorizes $50 per month for miscellaneous expenses associated with the job, which is in lieu of paying for internet as was done for the past club administrator.  ACTION ITEM:  Craig will discuss this with Susan. 
    4. Proposed 8k Training Program (0802-7d)
      1. MOTION:  Jean moves to support Dave Sciannella’s proposal for an 8-week 8k training program.  Cathy seconds, unanimous. 
      2. The board requires that Dave, with input from Sethiya, help any members of BWR who want to continue in the 8k program to integrate into this program, and these members will pay a pro-rated fee to join.
      3. The program will run twice weekly, on either Tuesday or Wednesday and Sunday, and will charge a nominal fee. 
  8. Standing Items
    1. Strategic Plan – Clubhouse research/fundraising- annual meeting prep
    2. Strategic Plan – Compiling/updating governance policies
    3. Strategic Plan – Increasing participation and volunteerism
  9. Business Between Meetings- none
  10. Announcements
    1. We have two new stride clinic coaches- Betty Smith and Dave Sciannella.
    2. The issue of needing for chip timing for the Rockville 5k/10k for the Senior Olympics race is being worked out.
    3. Joel Carrier indicated that we should know soon about our bid for the USATF XC Championships.
  11. Closure
    1. Motions passed:
      1. The board approved reimbursing Ken Trombatore for costs incurred with and the club will pay the monthly fee. 
      2. The board supports the proposed new 8k Training Program.
    2. Action items:
      1. Craig will discuss the reimbursement with Susan. 
    3. Review Plans for Next Meeting
      1. Next meeting is March 6, 2008 at 6:30 pm at the Stella Werner Council Office Bldg, 5th Floor Conference Room, 100 Maryland Ave.  Mical offered to bring food.

Meeting adjourned: 9:55  pm 

Respectfully submitted,

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Mical Honigfort