Montgomery County Road Runners Club

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting of June 7, 2007 

Called to order: 7:00 pm 

Present:  Craig Roodenburg (President), Cathy Blessing (Vice-President), Chris Richey (Treasurer), Mical Honigfort (Secretary), Jean Arthur (Member at Large), Jim Farkas (Member at Large), Christina Kichula (Member at Large), Gary Resnick (Member at Large), Mary Foster (club administrator) 

Invited Guests:  Joel Carrier, Kimberly Price, John Sissala 

Minutes Prepared By:  Mical Honigfort, Secretary 

  1. Review Agenda
    1. Nothing added or changed
  2. Business Involving Invited Guests
    1. Joel Carrier – Possible bid to host future USATF x-c championship event
      1. Exploratory committee voted to go forward with the bid to host the event
      2. Discussed the course selection and sponsorship/volunteer issues
      3. Board recommended letting other running clubs know about our intent to bid
      4. Board is supportive of the effort at this point
      5. Little Bennett’s Revenge 5k XC race will be moved and held on the new course
    2. John Sissala – Update on new storage space
      1. Temporary occupancy permit obtained
      2. Move-in dates are June 23-24 and June 30-July 1
      3. Build-out of office space is delayed until August
    3. Kimberly Price – Race proceeds from DARCARS Young Run
      1. Board supports new beneficiary of proceeds from race (Sports Plus)
  3. Review MCRRC Calendar
    1. Friday, June 8, 7 pm- Gaithersburg XC 5k, Gaithersburg HS
    2. Saturday, June 16, 8 am- Run for Roses 5k, Wheaton Regional Park
    3. Friday, July 6, 7 pm- Midsummer Night’s Mile, Rockville
  4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
    1. Gary moves to accept minutes. Jim seconds, passed unanimously.
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    1. The total cash in MCRRC accounts, as of May 31, 2007 (not including Parks Half Marathon, Pike’s Peek, and DYR accounts) was the following:
      1. Checking (9223) $ 30,017.52 
      2. Savings (6828) $ 10,187.69
      3. Savings – Clubhouse (7652) $ 5,856.01
      4. Smith Barney $ 20,543.43
      5. Total Bank Accounts  $ 66,604.65
      6. Other Assets (CDs)  $ 43,000.00
    2. Parks Half Marathon Bank Accounts  (as of December 2006)
      1.  Checking   $ 5,967.99
      2.  Savings   $ 2,354.93
      3. Total Bank Accounts       $ 8,322.92
    3. Pikes Peek Bank Account 
      1. Checking $ 72,015.59
      2. Total Bank Accounts                        $ 72,015.59
    4. DYR Bank Account (as of February 2007)
      1.  Checking   $ 9,217.13
      2. Total Bank Accounts                        $ 9,217.13
    5. May Financial Information
      1. Significant income was received from:
        • Membership                                                     $ 2,615.00
        • Race Management Services                             $ 10,557.39
      2. No significant expenses to report
    6. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report: Jean moves, Gary seconds, passed unanimously.
  6. Unfinished Business (action items from previous meeting)
    1. Craig will advertise for candidates for RMS staff with notices on website and mcrun (0705-7a) – in progress
    2. Storage Space (0704-2a):  Sethiya will get together with John Sissala to discuss the signing of the lease- completed; Sethiya will discuss the build-out of the office space, and the possibilities and cost for wet-room facility with John Sissala (0706-2b)-  in progress
    3. Storage Space (0704-2a):  Sethiya will ask Lyman Jordan to notify Tri-Mini that we will terminate our lease effective June 30- completed, see above re. move-out dates
    4. Financial (0702-5f):  Chris will close clubhouse account and put money into higher paying “Clubhouse” CD- in progress
    5. New listserv transition (0704-7c):  Proposal of new listserv technology and transfer of responsibilities from Andy to Don- completed.
      1. MOTION: Cathy moves to move to 3 Yahoo groups in place of mcnews and mcrun. Jim seconds, unanimous.
    6. Gaithersburg HS track lights (0610-7b): Cathy will try to find someone who would like to take on the role of Tuesday night track coordinator- in progress
    7. RRCA Eastern Region Championships Bid (0612-7b):  Jean will talk with Mike Acuna about bringing the possibility of a bid to Parks Half Marathon- in progress
    8. Strategic Plan – Increasing participation and volunteerism (0612-8c):  Jim will talk with Christina Caravoulias about the status of the volunteer task list- in progress
    9. Strategic Plan - Compiling/updating governance policies (0612-8b):  Gary will scan the compilation of old club policies by Don Carter when he was club Secretary, from 1987 to 1991, received from John Sissala, to a CD-ROM - in progress
    10. Strategic Plan – Club Program Reports (0703-7a): Cathy, as training program coordinator, will put together the requirements for these reports and will provide this information to the program heads- in progress
    11. Proxy Voting at Annual Meetings (0703-7c): Discussion to extend the voting franchise by allowing club members to vote by proxy on bylaw motions at Annual Meetings was tabled until the next meeting- tabled
    12. First Aid packs/CPR and First Aid for summer programs (0705-7d): completed
    13. Wrap up of volunteer picnic: discussed picnic and how to better publicize; in future will possibly send invites to entire club
  7. New Business
    1. Board roles/responsibilities- completed; assigned as listed below
  1. Standing Items
    1. Strategic Plan – Clubhouse research/fundraising.
    2. Strategic Plan – Compiling/updating governance policies
    3. Strategic Plan – Increasing participation and volunteerism
  2. Business Between Meetings
    1. MOTION:  The board approves the suspension of a club member’s listserv posting privilege due to an inappropriate posting on mcrun. The member will have posting capability re-instated after 60 days if he agrees to issue an apology.  Cathy moves, Jean seconds.  5 in favor, 1 abstention.
    2. The board approves the purchasing of new shelving by John Sissala for the new storage space expense against amount previously appropriated for clubhouse. 
    3. MOTION:  The board approves presenting a check for $300 at the Middle School Track Challenge.  Jean moves, Cathy seconds, unanimous.
  3. Announcements – Cathy:  June 21 is pot-luck picnic at Carderock Thursday weekly workout
  4. Closure
    1. Motions Passed:
      1. The board approves the suspension of a club member’s listserv posting privilege due to an inappropriate posting on mcrun. 
      2. The board approves presenting a check for $300 at the Middle School Track Challenge. Jean moved, Cathy seconds, unanimous.
      3. The board approves moving to 3 Yahoo groups in place of the mcnews and mcrun listservs.
    2. Review Plans for Next Meeting
      1. Next meeting is July 5, 2007 at 6:30 pm at the Stella Werner Council Office Bldg, 5th Floor Conference Room, 100 Maryland Ave.  Mical offered to bring food.

Meeting adjourned: 9:23 pm 

Respectfully submitted, 

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Mical Honigfort