Montgomery County Road Runners Club

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting of September 7, 2006


Called to order: 7:10 pm


Present: Craig Roodenburg (President), Dave Haaga (Vice-President), Sethiya Renwick (Treasurer), Gary Resnick (Secretary), Cathy Blessing (Member at Large), Jim Farkas (Member at Large), Jean Arthur (Member at Large), Chris Richey (Member at Large)


Guests: Pat Maloney (RunAware campaign chair), Christina Caravoulias (Volunteer database)


Minutes Prepared By: Gary Resnick, Secretary

1.      Review Agenda

a)      A suggestion was made to discuss the 2007 race calendar.

2.      Business Involving Invited Guests

a)      Pat Maloney RunAware campaign

i)         Pat presented a memo to the Board along with a proposed budget and an ad that will appear in the Rundown (see attached).  Main points of the memo include:

·        The Parks Half-Marathon will be the first Run Aware campaign presence

·        Race announcer will publicize specific instructions about no headphones, and there will be course marshal training at the Parks Half-Marathon

·        There was also discussion of sanctions for runners wearing headphones during club races.  For these races, the runner may be disqualified, at the discretion of the race director, and for races that are part of a series where points are awarded, they could lose their points.

·        Also, there will be a presence for the Darcars Young Run, kids to color logo's and an art contest for older children

·        We will have a banner for the Parks Half-Marathon, Lyman Jordan did the design, we will have something ready as a banner

·        A letter will be drafted to be signed by Craig, to go out to other running club presidents and all the Women's Distance Festivals

·        Another element will be public service announcements and cable TV ads

·        We want to have a crew of people wearing special t-shirts on our trails, in the club training programs and in races

·        Next committee meeting will be Saturday Sept. 9 at noon

·        There is also a Yahoo group for the committee, we would be happy to allow Board members to use it

·        Board approved these plans (motion by acclamation) but the budget was not complete so approval will occur prior to the next meeting (via email)

ii)       Motion: The Board authorizes $1300 to the Run Aware campaign as seed money, Cathy moved, Jean seconded, unanimous 

b)     Christina Caravoulias (Volunteer database)

i)         Internet volunteer database/intranet site (0606−6a):  Christina received information from all of the race directors, to get a sense of the number of volunteers they used, most use electronic means to notify volunteers, rarely by mail, most race directors keep electronic records except for a few, no one said they had too many volunteers but few said they were lacking in volunteers, but the problem is that there are shortages just before the race and then people sign up

ii)       Information around the types of volunteers they need (experience in certain areas), Christina says the volunteer lists are often incomplete; we miss people who volunteer (usually at the last minute) and they are not subsequently acknowledged, but overall the conclusion is that we do end up getting enough volunteers

iii)     Christina has a list of volunteers for the entire club but it is not yet broken down by assignments or by races

iv)      Main issue is that we need to keep volunteer lists updated by race directors before they are submitted after the race

v)       Christina also asked Board to finalize the 2007 race schedule

c)      Sarah Stanley (Social Coordinator): She was scheduled but was unable to attend 

3.      Review MCRRC Calendar

a)      Sun 9/10, 9am, Potomac Cabin John Kids Runs (ages 18 and under) 1M (JP); .25 and .5 mile Young Runs

b)     Sat 9/16, 8:30am, Derwood, Lake Needwood Cross Country 10K (XC); 1 mile Fun Run (JP); .25 and .5mile Young Runs

c)      3.3    Sun 9/24, 7:30am, Bethesda, Parks Half Marathon

d)     Sunday 10/1 is Rockville 5K/10K

4.      Minutes of the Previous Meeting

a)      Change item 0608-6b to indicate it was completed, George Tarrico has the spreadsheet and is reviewing it

b)     Motion to accept minutes,  Cathy moved, Jim seconded, unanimous (1 absent)

5.      Treasurer’s Report

a)      The total cash in MCRRC accounts, as of August 31 (not including Marathon in the Parks, Pike’s Peek, and HYR accounts) was the following:

i)         Checking (9223)                                                    $51,290.33       

ii)       Savings (6828)                                                       $10,102.81

iii)     Savings – Clubhouse (7652)                                   $  5,840.22

iv)      Smith Barney (CD’s)                                             $10,455.45

v)       TOTAL Bank Accounts                                                                 $77,688.81

vi)      Other Assets (CDs)                                                                        $51,000.00

b)     Marathon in the Parks (as of April 2006):

i)         Checking                                                               $7,891.62

ii)       Savings                                                                 $2,340.79

iii)     TOTAL Bank Accounts                                                                 $10.232.41

c)      Pikes Peek bank accounts (as of June 2006)

i)         Checking                                                               $3,800.48

ii)       TOTAL Bank Accounts                                                                 $3,800.48

d)     HYR bank account (as of April 2006)

i)         Checking                                                               $11,023.81

ii)       TOTAL Bank Accounts                                                                 $11.023.81

e)      Significant income was received from:

i)         Membership dues                                                  $5,305.00

ii)       RMS                                                                     $2,349.11

iii)     XMP                                                                     $1,700.00

f)      Significant expenses included:

i)         New Equipment                                                    $1,143.24

g)     Old Financial Action Items:

i)         Begin 2005 tax preparation. Sethiya received the completed tax forms from E. Cohen and they will be mailed to the IRS by October 15, 2006.

ii)       Search for bookkeeper: Sethiya talked with accountant at E. Cohen and, after reviewing the books, declared them to be in good shape. Completed.

h)     New Financial Action Items:

i)         Discussion of work on 2007 budget: Sethiya and Craig will create a draft budget that will be reviewed by the entire Board

i)       Motion to approve this month’s Treasurer’s Report, Dave moved, Chris seconded, unanimous

6.      Unfinished Business

a)      Financial (0607−4g): Sethiya will clean up the balance sheet by fixing the budget and reconciling the budget report and accounts. Completed.

b)     Request for Running Coach (0608−7a): Cathy will assemble an email group for certified coaches to deal with requests, and she will respond to this specific request,

i)         Cathy found there is a coaches email group but it is out of date, not sure who is on it, whether it just has certified coaches or not, need to contact coaches and ask if they want to be on the list, in order to deal with future requests for coaches

ii)       Action Item: Cathy will update the list, checking with current active club coaches

c)      Take Back the Night Foundation donation (0608−9b): Sethiya reported that we have never donated to the Olney Chamber of Commerce but we donated $40 to city of Olney for the portajohns for last year’s race

i)         Jean has the names of the two people who asked club for a donation as we did in previous years

ii)       Motion:  The Board approves donating $50 to the City of Olney for Take Back the Night, Dave moves, Cathy seconded, unanimous

d)     CPR Class (0608−9c):  Jean found that these classes cannot be set up at short notice, although some instructors said they can do one in October but also Jean found that the Red Cross is changing its course sometime in November, so it would be better to wait

i)         Suggestion is to set it up for sometime in January, one class with limited space

ii)       Action Item: Jean will setup a CPR class for sometime in January

7.      New Business

a)      Request to put Philbin’s sponsor link on club website

i)         Mike Broderick requested that the link to Philbin's be put on the home page because of all they have done for the club

ii)       The more general question; firms that give us in-kind donations/sponsorship rather than cash, how do we deal with these kinds of sponsorships and how do we decide which sponsors get on the home page? Issue is that the home page is for sponsors throughout the year or certain RMS clients

iii)     The Board developed the following criteria for home page sponsors: the sponsor must make a "substantial and continuing contribution to the club"

iv)      Philbin’s meets this criterion because they hosted the New Year's Day race, they host the monthly Stride Clinic, and they provide space upon request for coaching certification and special training groups

v)       Motion: The Board approves adding Philbin's on the club home page, due to their substantial and continuing contribution to the club, Cathy moved, Jim seconded, unanimous

b)     RRCA 2006 Awards Announcement: Board agreed to ask for nominations on MCRUN

c)      Club clothing: Cathy asked who is in charge of the club clothing, because the clothes at R&J are no longer in stock, We know that Priscilla Prunella took this on at some point, and Cathy is in the process of asking her for the status of the club logo clothing

i)         Question is whether there is a club champion for the logo clothing at R&J

ii)       Action item: Cathy will check to see if Priscilla is still interested in coordinating the club clothing line at R&J

d)     2007 Race Schedule: To begin the process of finalizing the next year’s race schedule, the Board agreed to share thoughts and ideas about any changes to the existing schedule via email, Dave will compile the suggestions and take it to George Tarrico, Race Coordinator, who will put together a draft race schedule to be used to solicit wider input from club members

i)         Dave requests that all Board input must be received by September 16

ii)       Action Item: Board members will exchange email re: ideas for next year's race schedule, Dave will compile the ideas and send to George Tarrico, Race Coordinator 

8.      Standing Items

a)      Run Aware Campaign (0602−3b): see Business with Invited Guest

9.      Business Between Meetings

a)      Strategic planning follow-up meeting held 8/21/06.  Next one scheduled for 9/25/06 to discuss a member survey.

10.   Announcements

a)      Jean announced that 1000 people have so far been entered in the Parks Half-Marathon (PHM)

b)     Cathy announced that there are over 40 club members who will be running the JFK 50-miler

11.   Closure

a)      Action Items

i)         Budget 2007: Sethiya and Craig to work on a draft budget

ii)       Request for Running Coach: Cathy will assemble a list by contacting certified club coaches from its various training programs, to deal with requests

iii)     CPR Class: Jean will contact instructors and arrange for schedule, space, etc. for a class sometime January

iv)      Club Clothing: Cathy will check to see if Priscilla is still interested in coordinating the club clothing line at R&J

v)       2007 Race Schedule: Board members will exchange email re: ideas for next year's race schedule, Dave will compile the ideas and send to George Tarrico, Race Coordinator 

b)     Motions Passed (including motions by acclamation)

i)         Take Back the Night Foundation donation: The Board approved donating $50 to the Olney Chamber of Commerce

ii)       Philbin’s Sponsor Link on the MCRRC Web Site: The Board approves adding Philbin's link to the club home page, due to their substantial and continuing contribution to the club

iii)     RRCA 2006 Awards Announcement: Board agreed to ask for nominations on MCRun

c)      Review Plans for Next Meeting:

i)         Next meeting is October 5, 2006 at 6:30 pm, at the Stella Werner Council Office Bldg, 5th Floor Conference Room, 100 Maryland Ave, 5th Floor conference room. Jean offered to bring food.


Meeting Adjourned: 9:10 pm



Respectfully Submitted,



Gary Resnick Secretary, Montgomery County Road Runners Club