Montgomery County Road Runners Club

Minutes of Board of Directors’ Meeting

Meeting of July 6, 2006


Called to order:  7:07 pm


Present:  Craig Roodenburg (President), Dave Haaga (Vice-president), Sethiya Renwick (Treasurer), Susan Gagnon (At-large), Jean Arthur (At-large), Jim Farkas (At-large), Chris Richey (At-large) and Mary Foster (Club Administrator)


Minutes Prepared by:  Susan Gagnon


1.       Review Agenda

a.      Add to new business:  Baltimore marathon offering discount to running clubs


2.      Review of MCRRC Calendar

a.      Midsummer Night’s Mile (Friday July 7)

b.      Twilighter (Saturday July 15)

c.      Riley’s Rumble (Sunday July 23)


3.      Minutes of the Previous Meeting

a.      No changes.  Motion to accept minutes, Jean moved, Chris seconded, passed unanimously.


4.      Treasurer’s report

a.  MCRRC Account Detail:  The total cash in MCRRC accounts, as of June 30 (not including Marathon in the Parks, Pike’s Peek, and HYR accounts) was the following:

i)   Checking (9223)                              $44,509.10       

ii)   Savings (6828)                                $19,643.55

iii)  Savings – Clubhouse (7652)            $ 5,832.86

iv)  Legg Mason                                    $ 7,067.07

v)  TOTAL Bank Accounts                                           $77,052.58

vi) Other Assets (CDs)                                                  $44,829.30

b.  Marathon in the Parks: Bank Accounts:  (as of April 2006)

i)  Checking                                          $7,891.62

ii)  Savings                                           $2,340.79
iii)  TOTAL Bank Accounts                                          $10.232.41          

c.  Pikes Peek: Bank Accounts

 i)  Checking                                         $3,800.48

ii)  TOTAL Bank Accounts                                          $3,800.48

d.  HYR: Bank Account                              (as of April 2006)

            i)  Checking                                          $11,023.81
ii) TOTAL Bank Accounts                                           $11.023.81

e.  Significant income was received from:

i)  Membership dues                                                   $5,840.00

ii) RMS                                                                      $3,247.00

iii) FTM                                                                     $3,427.00

f.  Significant expenses included:

i)  Postage                                                                  $4,140.59

g.  Old  Financial Action Items:

i)   2005 tax preparation. – filed for extension

ii)  Search for bookkeeper. – on hold

iii) Legg Mason. – need to move $10K from savings

h.  New Action Items

i)   Action item:  Sethiya will clean up the balance sheet by fixing the budget and reconciling the budget report and accounts.

i. Motion to approve this month’s treasurer’s report:  Jean moved, Jim seconded, passed unanimously


5.      Unfinished Business

a.  Financial (0508-7a):  Chris presented his work on the spreadsheet for low-key race budgets.  He will give it to George for his feedback and then we’ll revisit it and think about what to do next. (spreadsheet follows at end of minutes)

b.      Most improved runner of year award (0602-9a):  We chose to close out this item by telling Ron Ely that the ROY committee chooses not to handle this and that if Ron wants to take it up he can do so, if not, we will be dropping the issue.

c.      Hiring an accountant or bookkeeper (0601-7e):  Item is dropped until a pressing need for such a person arises in the future.

d.      Internet volunteer database/intranet site (0606-6a):  Work/research still in process

e.      Equipment purchase (0605-8a): Susan reported that a new time machine will cost about $1100.  Vote on purchase of new time machine, Jean moved, Dave seconded, passed unanimously.  Susan will communicate info to Mary about where to order it from.

f.       On line registration of new members (0606-6d): Phil turned this option back on in SignMeUp.

g.      Ultramarathon program (0603-8d): Cathy followed up with Rhonda regarding helping out with beginning Ultra Running

h.     Run aware Campaign (0602-3b):  Still in process

i.       Updating of MCRRC message boards (0606-6c):  Chris plans to open locks and purchase new ones – in process.

j.       Self-Defense Class (0605-8g):  Cathy is continuing to gather information - in process.


6.  New business

a.      Purchase of colored tape for mile marking:  Lyman will take care of it, we voted to authorize him to spend up to $800. Jean moved, Susan seconded, motion passed, 5 for and 2 opposed.  Susan will contact Lyman to let him know of the board’s decision and inform him that the entire order is to go through Mary.  Kathy and Rick will reimburse us for their half of the expense.

b.     Baltimore Running Festival:  The Baltimore Marathon has a “Running Club Thank You Program,” which would offer benefits for runners from clubs that sign up for it.  The National Marathon offers a similar program - they will give one free entry up front and one additional free entry for every ten entries.  We decided that since we partner with the National Marathon we will mention that race in our newsletter or website and add it to our event calendar.  For the Baltimore Marathon, we will sign up for the program, put it in Rundown and MCRUN and list it on the club discount page.


7.  Standing Items

a.  Run Aware campaign (0602-3b) Still in the process of finding a chair for this program.


8.  Announcements

a.  Craig met with Phil Stewart from Cherry Blossom and the club fee for next year’s race will be reduced to $10. 

b. We received a thank you letter from BCC Rescue Squad for our donation of $150.

c.      Jeff Darman thanks us for the $300 donation to the Roads Scholar Fund

d.      John Sissala wrote a letter to the board which included a spreadsheet showing  the distribution of net proceeds from Pike’s Peek. 

e.      The board will hold a strategic planning meeting at 6:30 pm on Monday July 10th  at Guiseppe’s.


9.  Closure

a.  Action Items

i)  Financial: Sethiya will clean up the balance sheet by fixing the budget and reconciling the budget report and accounts

ii)  Tape Purchase: Susan will contact Lyman to tell him of the board’s decision regarding purchasing tape.

b.      Motions Passed (including motions by acclamation)

i)  Tape purchase:  Board approves up to $800 to be spent on the purchase of new colored tape for mile marking.

c.      Review Plans for Next Meeting

i)  Next meeting is August 3, 2006 at 6:30 pm, at the Stella Werner Council Office Bldg, 5th floor Conference Room, 100 Maryland Ave.  Susan offered to bring food.


Meeting adjourned:  8:45 pm



Susan Gagnon

MCRRC Board Member-at-Large