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*VIRTUAL* Advanced Marathon Training (Dec – Mar)

A CURRENT MCRRC MEMBERSHIP is REQUIRED to participate in this program. Please note that membership is NOT included in your program registration. PRIOR TO JOINING this program, you must become a member. If you are unsure if you have a CURRENT MCRRC Membership, please contact office@mcrrc.org for assistance. Otherwise, please click here to become a valued member.

Registration Opening SOON!

Virtual Program Overview:

MCRRC and its volunteer program directors and coaches are committed to helping club members reach their running goals, even as most in-person activities are suspended for the health and safety of all.  This year’s program will be conducted virtually, where no runners will physically meet to run together.  It is recommended that all program participants have a GPS watch or a running app on their phone, since each runner will be responsible for ensuring the distance and pace of their runs.  The Program Director is happy to provide guidance on watches and apps.

Goals and Purpose of Program:

The Advance Marathon Program (AMT) is for experienced marathoners who would like coaching support and training partners to prepare for a spring marathon or other distance event. Due to COVID-19, in-person marathons may or may not be held; however, participants may run virtually – similar to how the virtual Marine Corps Marathon was done.   We will likely encourage participants to run their own marathon between March 1st and April 15th and enter their results on our website – or optionally, we may schedule our own virtual marathon in March.  More information will be provided to registered participants when determined.

While the marathon is the primary focus of the program, the coaches would be happy to provide guidance to runners targeting other distances, including ultras.

We plan to have bi-weekly (every two weeks) zoom meetings with a speaker to present some useful information about running.  The program structure is subject to change as we learn from our experiences.  These protocols are new to everyone and we appreciate your patience and kindness with our volunteer coaching staff at all times.


MCRRC Membership is required for participation in this program.  If you are not a member, you will have the opportunity to join MCRRC during registration.  Participants must be 18 or older to register.

This program is designed for runners who have completed at least one marathon, but first timers are welcome as long as you are running enough. You should have a consistent mileage base of at least 25 miles per week at the start of the program and be able to comfortably complete a 12 mile long run. We will build to a long run of 22 miles and average weekly mileage of 40-50 miles. We believe that any committed runner who comes to the program with a solid mileage base and trains consistently should be able to complete a marathon, injury-free.


All participants will be provided with a workout schedule.  There will be two workouts per week – a long run and a speed workout.  Typically, the speed workouts would take place on a track.  If you can find an open track, you can conduct your workout there if you feel comfortable.  Alternatively, you may have a relatively straight quarter mile stretch of sidewalk in your neighborhood. Hill workouts are also a good substitution to speed workouts, but without the speed.  We encourage all participants to monitor the weather as well as road/ sidewalk conditions throughout the winter and make adjustments to your workout schedule as needed.  Safety is important and shifting a day or two in your workout schedule will not affect your training.

Pace Group Placement:

During registration, you will be asked to provide at least one recent race time, preferably at a distance shorter than the marathon, to help us place you at an appropriate training pace.

Program Cost:  Online registration is $50.  Program registration fees are non-refundable for any reason.  By completing your registration, you agree to these terms. There will be no premium included with registration.

Program Dates: Registration will be open through December 31, 2020.  The training schedule will begin in mid-December and run through mid-April 2021.


Date/Time: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Location: Zoom (details to be provided)

Program Staff:

Head Coaches/Directors:  Keith Evans and Donald Chung

Keith is a RRCA-certified coach who has run race distances from 3K through 100 miles, a distance he has completed six times out of seven attempts. He regularly competes in both road and trail races and trains with the MCRRC Experienced Marathon Program in the summer. He has coached in the club’s 5K, 10K and marathon programs and continues to coach at the MCRRC Run Performance Lab (formerly called the Stride Clinic).

Donald has coached with the First Time Marathon Program, the Experienced Marathon Program and the Advanced Marathon Program. He completed his first marathon in 1991 and has since completed over 60 marathons. He is currently attempting to run a marathon in each of the 50 states. He has completed 41 so far.

If you have additional questions, please email Keith and Donald directly at winter_amt @mcrrc.org.

Communication Methods: We will use a private, online group to facilitate communications. Everyone will be required to join this group to participate in the program. Instructions on how to join this group will be provided by the Program Director.

Disclaimer: The program director reserves the right in his sole discretion to refuse admission to the program or dismiss any individual from the program whom the program director believes is unsuited for running the specified distance, or is unable to meet the demands of the training schedule, or is disruptive to other program participants. Those individuals will be denied entry into the program or dismissed from the program as appropriate. The program director also reserves the right to limit the number of participants in the overall program or in individual pace groups. MCRRC has a No Refund policy. Program registration fees cannot be refunded due to injury, schedule conflict or any other reason.