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Club Race Entry Procedure

Once you become a member, you will need a chip and a bib to run our low-key races.

Effective January 1, 2020 – our low-key member signup will be conducted online ONLY!  This online registration process will help us maintain a lower impact on the environment by reducing paper and filing and will save you time by avoiding the registration line on race morning.

Prior to your first low-key race of the new year, simply go to our low-key member signup to register for your member bib & chip.


COVID-19 Information

Our intention is to have races but we must be able to secure health, park and road permits to do so. Please be aware that race details are subject to change (i.e. time, date and/or location) or cancellation depending on county recommendations surrounding the pandemic and permitting.  In addition to following health and safety protocols, our permits will also require us to limit the number of participants in each event.  While most spots will be reserved for MCRRC members, a small number of non-MCRRC members will be allowed in each race.

Registration for MCRRC Members:

Bibs & chips from 2020 will be used throughout 2021 for all low-key races!  If you previously registered for your 2020 bib & chip, there is nothing further you need to do.  For any member not registered, please click here to register for your 2020-21 bib & chip.

Registration will be limited for each race!  *** PLEASE NOTE ALL MEMBERS MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR EACH LOW-KEY RACE TO SECURE A SPOT *** We understand that this is different, but it is necessary in order for us to be able to control participation and ensure we are within the county limitations for outdoor gatherings.  Registration will remain FREE, but you will need to register indivually for each race in order to attend.  Registration will remain closed until permits for each race are obtained.

As the race date approaches, unreserved member spots MAY be opened up to non-members.  

Registration for Non-MCRRC Members:

A limited number of spots will be reserved for non-MCRRC Members at a cost of $15 per race.  As the race date approaches, non-reserved member spots MAY be released for non-member registration, but this is not guaranteed.  Once the race is “sold out,” it is sold out – sorry, but we are unable to make exceptions due to county regulations. Registration will remain closed until permits for each race are obtained.


If you are a non-MCRRC member, and can no longer attend the race, please contact office@mcrrc.org so that we can move your registration to another MCRRC low-key event and open up a spot for someone else.  Monetary refunds will not be provided.

Start / Finish Area:

Please note that the start and finish of the race will look different than we are used to. Participants and volunteers will be required to wear a mask, properly fitted to cover both nose and mouth, at all times in the start / finish area of the race.

The start of the race will be conducted as a wave start, with a few runners starting every few minutes to allow for proper social distance along the race route.  Please note that you are required to start at the time you are assigned. The number of runners in each start grouping will be appropriate to local health regulations at the time.

Participants are required to maintain social distancing at ALL TIMES and upon finishing the race, return to their vehicles as quickly as possible. Please do not linger in the start/finish area.


There will be NO refreshments (including water) available at this event – neither before, during, or after the run.  Participants are encouraged to carry personal water for during the run and to bring their own water, snacks and other items needed for post-race.  As there will be no bag check, please keep all personal items in your car.  


Restrooms will not be available.  Participants should plan to “go” before leaving the house or on the way to the race.  Additionally, we discourage the use of “nature” as doing so can not only make other participants uncomfortable, but if seen, can jeopardize obtaining future permits.

During the Race:

While masks are not required to be worn while running, they are required to remain on until participants cross the starting line. Please keep a face covering with you for use when passing another runner and during all times when social distancing cannot be achieved.

All participants will be required to put their mask back on after crossing the finish line. If a runner has lost their mask, a volunteer will have disposable masks to distribute as needed.

When at all possible, please refrain from purposely discarding your mask on the race route. This is not only considered littering, but is unhealthy exposure to others.


Spectators are discouraged from attending events in order to limit the number of people in attendance, comply with permit regulations and limit the risk of exposure to all involved.  If a friend or family member must accompany you to the event they are asked to remain in your vehicle during the event.

Health & Wellness:

Now more than ever, please pay close attention to your health prior to attending this event.  If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or another person with COVID-19, please stay home.  If you have cold symptoms, a mild fever, or just “don’t feel well,” we ask that you please stay home. All participants are subject to temperature checks at the discretion of our race staff.

Following the Rules:

Please understand that these safety measures have been put in place for the safety of all participants, race staff and volunteers and most are required under our permits and current county regulations.  Your participation in this event is optional – but the protocols are not.  Should these COVID-19 protocols make you uncomfortable, we would suggest you refrain from attending.  Race staff and volunteers have the authority to ask anyone not following safety protocols to leave the race site.