Our Values

MCRRC Values Statement

Our Club

1. We believe that MCRRC is a place for every pace ‐ runners, walkers, and run/walkers. We welcome people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. We value healthy lifestyles through movement.

2. We value the strength of the Montgomery County Road Runners Club as a volunteer-led organization. At the same time, we acknowledge
that volunteering at club events presents an additional burden to marginalized and vulnerable groups.

3. We believe that running and fitness activities should occur in a welcoming environment to all, be geographically diverse, and be financially affordable. We strive to identify physically accessible environments.

Our Community

4. We are committed to equity, inclusivity, and anti‐discrimination. We embrace all communities of age, ethnicity, gender identity, language,
national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio‐economic status. We aspire to identify opportunities for members with

5. We strive to make all components of membership reflective of the communities within Montgomery County, one of the most diverse in
the nation.

6. We recognize the indigenous and formerly enslaved peoples who were displaced from or trafficked to this land. In addition, we
acknowledge the land on which we run by showing our gratitude and respect for the trails and roads.

Our Members

7. We value all members for their unique perspectives and gifts and aspire to earn their trust by listening, engaging, and appreciating their

8. We encourage respectful dialogue among and within the interconnected communities and partners to ensure all members can safely
pursue the joy of running.

9. Although each member has a different goal, we celebrate each other’s achievements and learn from one another’s experiences.