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Timing and Logistics


To provide hardware, software, trained personnel, training services and technology evaluations as needed to support the tasks, objectives, and mission of MCRRC.


  • Routinely monitor the operational status of all equipment and assure that the club has sufficient operational redundancy of all critical equipment to accommodate all scheduled events and tasks.  Maintain/update equipment as necessary.
  • On an annual basis, it will provide an inventory of all critical equipment and software.
  • Maintain sufficient tools to make minor repairs on all equipment.
  • Annual creation of a pro forma budget for all timing and scoring hardware and software maintenance, repairs, replacements, upgrades, and all supplies judged necessary to support efficient maintenance of same.  This budget estimate will be submitted to the MCRRC treasurer no later than October 1st of each year.
  • Training of club members in scoring software and in operating all timing and scoring hardware.  The committee will work closely with the RMS team to help supply qualified individuals for all RMS jobs that require competence in timing and scoring technologies.
  • Periodic review of new timing and scoring technologies.  The committee will make recommendations concerning which technologies may be worthy of serious evaluation for adoption by MCRRC, if any.  favorable price and terms within the budgeted amount.  The committee will then coordinate the purchase with the MCRRC Administrator.


Chair – Bill Strider

Contact Email

Please contact office@mcrrc.org for questions.