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Green Team

mcrrc-green-teamThe MCRRC Green Team is a group of MCRRC members with a goal to minimize the waste and carbon footprint generated by MCRRC events.

Donating Used Sneakers

If you can’t wait for our Club shoe drives at Pike’s Peek or Parks Half-Marathon, you can visit many of the local running stores to donate used, but not abused, sneakers. Please feel free to contact us at greenteam@mcrrc.org.



What do we want to do?

  • Identify and provide services to help make races more eco-friendly.
  • Reduce pollution and waste, conserve our resources, and preserve our environment for future generations of runners.

How do we want to achieve our goals?

  • Encourage public transportation or carpooling for events
  • Use eco-friendly printing
  • Use more environmentally-friendly race premiums
  • Use organic t-shirts, race bags, and foods
  • Support online registration for races
  • Use recycled/biodegradable cups and port-o-potty supplies
  • Use clean solar power for races
  • Offer carbon offsets to participants
  • Donate surplus food from races to local food pantries
  • Organize food waste collection for composting
  • Organize running shoe donation drives
  • Use permanent reusable signage for events
  • Implement on-site race recycling and waste removal for all races
  • Organize clothing and shoe recycling drives

How can you help?

  • Volunteer your time, energy, and ideas
  • Look for our booth at the next club race
  • Use the recycle bins at the race
  • Check back for updates on how you can help in upcoming events
  • Email us at greenteam@mcrrc.org

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