Club Leadership

MCRRC’s Board of Directors invite any club member to the monthly board meeting, normally held on the first or second Thursday evening of each month at various locations. Please let the board know if you would like to make a presentation at one of the meetings, so that time can be found in an upcoming agenda.

Bio Picture - AZAshley Zuraf, Executive Director
Ashley joined MCRRC in 2003 to train for her first marathon (a decision hastily made after finishing a single 5K). Over the years, she has held many key positions in the club such as Race Director, Team Captain and training program coach.  She is also former member of the MCRRC Board of Directors.  Ashley’s most important role is being a mom to two active boys, shuttling them to karate, basketball and baseball while making it a point to never miss a WWE pay-per-view event.  If that all weren’t enough, she is an expert classroom mom, Vice President of the PTA, t-ball team manager and volunteer bookkeeper for All Shepherd Rescue.  Ashley enjoys finding time (ha!) to ride her Peloton, go for the occasional leisurely “jog” and train her German Shepherd, Mo, who you may recognize as the Official Spokesdog of the Parks Half Marathon.

Brad Stewart
Brad began running to reach triathlon finish lines.  Being composed solely of lengthy, slow-twitch muscles, he has since evolved to longer distance racing.  He is an Ironman who ran his first marathon in 1996, and is a coach and runner with MCRRC’s Experienced Marathon Program (XMP).  Brad also coached with MCRRC’s Winter Advanced Marathon Training (AMT) Program. When not running, Brad is the Chief Executive Officer of a biotechnology company, the Chair of Maryland Life Sciences and the Vice Chair of the Maryland Tech Council.

Brian Murphy
Vice President

Brian started running in 2007 as a way to get in shape. He quickly fell in love with everything about it – especially the community aspect. Brian has been a member of MCRRC since moving to Montgomery County in 2013, and most often you can find him at the Wednesday night track workouts, Ken-Gar Sunday’s as the long run coordinator, Pub runs, or at one of the many road or cross country races in the club running or volunteering. He is also a member of the club’s competitive racing team trying to balance his love of racing with training properly for those races from 1 mile to the marathon.

Jennifer Smith
Jen’s first experience with the club was with the 10K program in 2010.  In 2018, after an 8-year hiatus from running, Jen returned to the club with the 5K Run/Walk Program. She joined the program to jumpstart a fitness and weight loss journey and is proud to say she’s lost 65 pounds.  Jen has been off and running ever since! In 2019, Jen ran with the First Time Marathon Program, got her RRCA Coaching Certification, and has served as a pace coach for the Winter Half Marathon Program.  She has run numerous races of varying distances since joining the club and completed her first marathon in 2019!    Jen volunteers at aid stations and water stops for club races and program runs. She brings almost 30 years of accounting experience to MCRRC. Her financial background includes 8 years auditing non-profits and 5 years as the CFO for a local performing arts organization. She now has her own accounting and tax services company. Jen previously served as Treasurer for her college’s SCUBA club and for the C&O Canal Trust.   When not working or running with the club, Jen works out, bicycles, rides motorcycles, and white-water kayaks.  Jen lives in Silver Spring, MD with her 2 BIG lovable cat fur babies, Aruba and Tahiti!

Sherene Sepehri
Sherene joined MCRRC in 2014 because she wanted to try training with a group. After spending a summer running through heat, hills, and humidity with the Experienced Marathon Program (XMP), she was hooked. Since then, she’s run with several different MCRRC programs, including Advanced Marathon Training and Winter Trails. She‘s also a regular at the Thursday morning Kemp Mill runs. When not running, Sherene works as an attorney at a public health agency. She lives in Silver Spring with her husband, son, and dog, Elvis.

Connie Corbett
Member at Large

Connie believes “if you put your mind to something, you can (and will) accomplish it.”  To that end, her endurance career includes two Ironman finishes, a 50-miler, a handful of 50k races, and over 60 domestic and international marathons, including Antarctica.  Connie is an RRCA Level-1 certified coach and is a co-director of MCRRC’s 10k Fall Program.  She has served as a pace coach for FTM, 10k and, her favorite, the Beginning Women’s Running 5k program.  As a member of MCRRC’s Inclusion and Equity Committee, Connie believes that our members should feel comfortable and included in all aspects of our Club.  She is committed helping MCRRC become the pinnacle running club who values and respects the diversity of our Club’s membership.  When she is not running or serving MCRRC, Connie enjoys spending time at the beach with her family, and two dogs, Nala and Stella.

Ashish Gupta
Member at Large

Ashish started running in 2007 with the Cherry Blossom 10M, and from there on has been running a marathon a year (roughly). He realized how much he depends on others to train and run, and particularly appreciates MCRRC and our FTM program. Ashish has volunteered for Pikes Peek and Parks Half consistently over the last decade. More recently he has been running trails, which he capped with the Stone Mill 50M in the time of COVID. Other than running, he often geeks out on running technology such as power meters, run analytics, road and indoor cycling.

Jefferson Lunsford
Member at Large

Jeff has been a member of MCRRC since 2009, when he was coerced to sign up for FTM. He has since run multiple seasons with FTM and XMP, and has completed 13 marathons to date with more to come. Jeff was born and raised in Montgomery County and has expanded the club’s presence in the southern part of the county.  While he doesn’t actually live in Kemp Mil “proper”, he leads the Thursday morning hill workout in Kemp Mill, directs the Kemp Mill Chills 5K / 10K and represents MCRRC in Kemp Mill Community Day. Jeff was instrumental in establishing Kensington parkrun, a free, weekly low-key 5K for the surrounding community. When he’s not running, Jeff works at the National Archives in College Park, eats whatever he wants and sleeps whenever he can.

Yvette Murphy
Member at Large

Yvette had always integrated running in her life to stay fit and run an occasional 5k or 10k. Determined, however, to learn how to train properly and avoid injury, the sport became more of a focus for her when she joined MCRRC’s Speed Development Program in 2015. She went on to train with the First Time Marathon (FTM) program where she continued to bond with a strong running community filled with knowledge and support that allowed her to complete her first marathon. From there, she became an RRCA Level 1-Certified coach and pace-coached for FTM before transitioning to the Experienced Marathon Program. She has also participated in and coached for Winter Trails and loves splitting her year between the road and trails. Yvette is a deep believer that trail-running makes her a stronger runner overall. If Yvette had a “walk-up” song before starting a race, it would be “Burn” by Ellie Goulding because she constantly challenges herself to be more comfortable being uncomfortable and believes everyone has the inner-fire to achieve what they set their minds to.

Rob Palmer
Member at Large

Rob has been a member of MCRRC since 2004 and has since lost count of the number of events that he has raced and/or volunteered with the club. He has participated in both the Championship Series and the Cross-Country Series for many years and has raced every distance between 1 and 50 miles. He spent several summers training with XMP and has family members who have participated in the various other MCRRC training programs. A member of the Competitive Racing Team since 2017, he continues his pursuit of PRs while enjoying the camaraderie of friends made through his time with the club.  Rob lives in Silver Spring with his wife Susan, also a club member, and works at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.