2021 Marine Corp Marathon Hospitality Suite CANCELLED

As you may (or may not) have heard, the 2021 Marine Corp Marathon’s in-person race has been cancelled.  The race will be conducted virtually.  The MCM website cites “security and safety precautions” as the reason for the change.  You can read the full statement about the decision to cancel the event here.

As such, this obviously means that the MCRRC Marine Corp Marathon Hospitality Suite has also been cancelled.  Please join me with a HUGE THANK YOU to Becky & James Melzer for all their hard work. This is much more than a volunteer position and we know that and are so truly grateful for all of their efforts.

Please note that we will refund all who have purchased tickets to the hospitality suite and/or bus tickets.  This process will likely go into next week.  We ask that you be patient with our staff as we work hard to undo all the plans we have made over the past couple of months for this event.  Please do not email the office about your refund unless an unreasonable amount of time has passed without receiving it.  If that’s the case, get in touch & we’ll help you figure out what’s going on.

While this news is disappointing for all who have trained so hard and certainly one more gut punch to a really difficult 18 months, we will get through it together like we always do. #MCRRCSTRONG