Important Notice – MCRRC Membership!

Dear Members,

As you may know, MCRRC is in the process of moving our physical membership database to an online database with imATHLETE, our registration provider. We are very excited about this transition, as it automates the membership process as well as gives our members direct access to their membership record at any time.  You will be able to change your name, update your address, check your expiration date and renew your membership all in one place without having to contact the office. We are looking forward to the efficiency this will bring to our membership management.

Early next week, you will be receiving a message from imATHLETE containing a confirmation code that is unique to your membership.  We wanted to preface that with a note of our own so that our members know this message is legitimate and was authorized by MCRRC.

In order to manage your membership details online, you will need to have an imATHLETE account (It is free and easy to create & you probably already have one if you have recently signed up for membership online or any of our major races).  You can then use the link & confirmation code given to you to access your membership record & make any changes.  Renewal notices will still be sent via email prior to your expiration and will be sent automatically from the online system.

We thank you in advance for your membership and for your patience while we make this transition. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office.

Ashley Zuraf

Director of Operations